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Fri Jan 21 2000

FYI: ELRA News, Online access

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  1. Valerie Mapelli, ELRA News
  2. Prior Gareth, Online access

Message 1: ELRA News

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:37:36 +0100
From: Valerie Mapelli <>
Subject: ELRA News

		European Language Resources Association
			 ELRA News 


We are happy to announce a new resource available via ELRA:
ELRA-S0076 French SpeechDat(II) FDB 5000

The French SpeechDat(II) FDB-5000 comprises 5040 French speakers
recorded over the French fixed telephone network. 40 speakers have
been added to the original 5,000 speakers to fit the requirements of
the database. This database is partitioned into 18 CDs, each of which
comprises 300 speakers sessions (except for CD 4, with 100 speakers
sessions). The speech databases made within the SpeechDat(II) project
were validated by SPEX, the Netherlands, to assess their compliance
with the SpeechDat format and content specifications.

The speech files are stored as sequence of 8-bit, 8kHz A-law speech files 
and are not compressed. Each prompt utterance is stored within a separate 
file and has an accompanying ASCII SAM label file.

The following items were recorded:
- 5 application words; 
- 1 sequence of 10 isolated digits; 
- 4 connected digits: 1 sheet number (5+ digits), 1 telephone number 
(9-11 digits), 1 credit card number (14-16 digits), 1 PIN code (6 digits); 
- 3 dates: 1 spontaneous date (e.g. birthday), 1 prompted date (word 
style), 1 relative and general date expression; 
- 2 word spotting phrases using an application word (embedded); 
- 1 isolated digit; 
- 3 spelled-out words (letter sequences): 1 spontaneous, e.g. own 
forename; 1 spelling of directory assistance city name; 1 real/artificial 
name for coverage; 
- 1 currency money amount; 
- 1 natural number; 
- 5 directory assistance names + 1 spelled-out name: 1 spontaneous, 
e.g. own forename, 1 city of birth / hometown (spontaneous); 1 most 
frequent city (out of 500); 1 most frequent company/agency (out of 500); 
1 "forename surname", 1 spelled-out city of birth; 
- 2 questions, including "fuzzy" yes/no: 1 predominantly "yes" question, 
1 predominantly "no" question; 
- 9 phonetically rich sentences; 
- 2 time phrases: 1 time of day (spontaneous), 1 time phrase (word style); 
- 8 phonetically rich words.

The following age distribution has been obtained: 215 speakers are
below 16 years old, 2531 speakers are between 16 and 30, 1208 speakers
are between 31 and 45, 910 speakers are between 46 and 60, and 176
speakers are over 60.
A pronunciation lexicon with a phonemic transcription in SAMPA is also

or further information, please contact :
 ELRA/ELDA		Tel : +33 01 43 13 33 33
 55-57 rue Brillat-Savarin	Fax : +33 01 43 13 33 30
 F-75013 Paris, France	E-mail :
or visit our Web site:
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Message 2: Online access

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:53:40 -0000
From: Prior Gareth <>
Subject: Online access

 Apologies for cross-posting. Many members of the list belong to
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 librarian about which provider they use).
 Visit the individual journal's website below for contents listings,
 article abstracts, and for more information about subscribing.
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 Computational Intelligence
 German Life and Letters
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