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Wed May 24 2000

Qs: Interlanguage Noun Combination, Pitch-Contours

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  1. Lena Agathopoulou, Noun Combination in Interlanguage
  2. Ehsan Ahmadi, Pitch-Contours

Message 1: Noun Combination in Interlanguage

Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:56:35 +0300
From: Lena Agathopoulou <>
Subject: Noun Combination in Interlanguage

Dear all

I'm researching noun combinations of the sort noun+noun compounds,
genitive 's+noun and noun+preposition+noun in the Greek-English
interlanguage. I'm looking into pluralization errors (e.g. the
pencils box) or genitive 's errors (e.g. the pencil's box), as well as
problems in comprehending the semantics of noun compounds in adult
language acquisition. I would appreciate any references to related
current or past research. I am already familiar with:

Alegre& Gordon'96, Balhorn '93, Bongartz'98, Broeder, Extra, & Hout
'89,Clahsen, Harald, Rothweiler, Monika & Woest '92,Clahsen '95, Clark &
Berman '87, Clark, Hecht & Mulford '86, Clark & Hecht '82, Craats, Corver
& Hout '97, Downing '77, Gordon '85,77. Klein '95, Klein & Perdue '97,
Lardiere' 99, '95a, '95b, Lardiere & Schwartz '97, Olshtain '81, '86, Perdue
'93, Ryder '94.

One more favor: I'm looking for Gass, S. & L. Selinker (Eds.), (1983).
Language transfer in language learning. Rowley, MA: Newbury House
Publishers. I realise the edition of 1992 with the same editors and the same
title published by John Benjamins contains different articles, right? I've
got the latter but I cannot find the 1983 book. Could somebody enlighten me
on this please?

Lena Agathopoulou
School of English, Aristotle University
Thessaloniki, Greece
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Message 2: Pitch-Contours

Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 13:36:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ehsan Ahmadi <>
Subject: Pitch-Contours

Dear Friends;

I am trying to classify the pitch-contours of Farsi syllables
according to their sonority class(in stressed and un-stressed
position),ie to find the relationship between sonority class
andfluctuation in pitch,viz a micro-prosody approach to
Farsiintonation. If you have seen a similar work about English,please
help me! 

Best Wishes, 

Department of Linguistics, 
Tehran University 

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