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Thu May 25 2000

Jobs: NLP at Cycorp, Inc., Texas, USA

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  1. Charlene Daniels, Natural Lang Processing at Cycorp, Inc., Texas US

Message 1: Natural Lang Processing at Cycorp, Inc., Texas US

Date: 25 May 2000 18:30:33 -0000
From: Charlene Daniels <>
Subject: Natural Lang Processing at Cycorp, Inc., Texas US

Rank of Job: 
Areas Required: see description
Other Desired Areas: 
University or Organization: Cycorp, Inc.
Department: Natural Language
State or Province: Texas
Country: US
Final Date of Application: 12/24/00
Contact: Charlene Daniels

Address for Applications:
3721 Executive Center Drive Suite 100
TX 78731

Cycorp ( has begun to harness the power of its
Cyc(TM) common sense knowledge base and reasoning system to do
semantic and pragmatic disambiguation of English. Currently we are
working on new and exciting clarification dialogue interfaces for Cyc
itself and for Cyc-based applications. These include applications for
smart Web searching, question and answer dialogues, and speech
understanding, to name just a few.

Join the team building this one-of-a-kind interactive dialogue front
end. You will create formal representations of natural language
expressions and phenomena, as well as develop applications to exploit
such representations.

Candidates for these positions must be familiar with formal logic,
and have sound fundamentals in English usage, syntax, and semantics.
In addition, one or more of the following would be a plus:

 Knowledge of discourse structure, pragmatics, and dialog modeling 
 Experience with the influence of semantic distinctions on syntax
 Familiarity with formal semantic analysis
 Facility with knowledge representation and other AI tools and
 Knowledge of constraint-based grammatical theories
 Understanding of NL parsing theory (statistical, corpus-based, etc.)
 Experience in applying that knowledge (computational NLU systems)
 Experience in computational lexicography 
 Experience in natural language generation
 Knowledge of NL interface design and human cognitive considerations 
 Programming skills, especially in Lisp or Scheme

General Information:

All technical positions at Cycorp involve working with the Cyc(TM)
technology -- an immense, broad, multi-contextual knowledge base and
efficient inference system which our group has developed over the last
16 years and 400 person-years. The Cyc knowledge base, spanning
fundamental "consensus" human knowledge, enables a multitude of
knowledge-intensive products and services which will revolutionize the
way in which people use and interact with computers: semantic
information retrieval, consistency-checking of structured information,
deductive integration of heterogeneous data bases, natural language
interfaces able to cope with realistic levels of
ambiguity/terseness/contextualization, and many more.
Cycorp is located in Austin, TX. We are an equal opportunity employer.

For more information about employment at Cycorp, visit our website at

For immediate consideration, please send your resume and a cover
letter to Kathleen Black at the following address:

Cycorp, Inc.
3721 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100
Austin TX 78731
Telephone: +1 (512) 342-4000
Fax: +1 (512) 342-4040 

No person shall be excluded from consideration for 
recruitment, selection, appointment, training, promotion, 
retention, or any other personnel action, or be denied 
any benefits or participation in any activities on the 
grounds of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, 
handicap or age. 

Cycorp will hire only persons authorized to work in the 
United States and will verify identity and eligibility 
for employment, and complete form I-9 for all new 
employees within three (3) business days of the date of 
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