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Fri May 26 2000

Qs: Brisson Paper, Corpus Ling/Plagiarism

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  1. gorlov, e-copy of Brisson paper
  2. Mark Hepple, Seeking plagiarised materials

Message 1: e-copy of Brisson paper

Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 16:48:13 +0400
From: gorlov <>
Subject: e-copy of Brisson paper

 Dear Linguist :
 I am Vlad Gorlov, an applied linguist from Moscow linguistic
university.My subject of my study is functional categorization of
English verb with the use of prototypical approach to formating
langual category.

 I am seeking a paper by Brisson Christine (1994) 'The licensing of
unexpressed object in english verbs' which is published in Papers the
30th regional meeting of the Chicago linguistic Society(CLS) ,V.1 .The
main session 90-102. In my view this paper to be extremaly
interesting and informative. In this connect i will be very obliged to
you for correct way to obtain e-copy.

 Possible you inform my e-mails by author.
 I hope that the exchange ideas,papers will be useful for of us.
 Best , Dr.Vlad Gorlov.
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Message 2: Seeking plagiarised materials

Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 12:17:24 +0100 (BST)
From: Mark Hepple <>
Subject: Seeking plagiarised materials

I have a student who is doing a project on automatic
detection of plagiarism in written text (i.e. essays/term
papers etc, rather than in code/software). We're having
trouble getting our hands on documents on which her project
can be tested, and I was hoping that colleagues on this list
might be able to help.

What we need, in particular, are instances of plagiarised
documents where both the plagiarised document and the
original from which it is principally derived are available
in electronic format. 

The likely scenarios for providing such materials are where
students are required to submit papers electronically
(rarely true at my own institution, unfortunately), where
one student has plagiarised another's paper, or has
plagiarised a known source on the internet. 

Looking on the web, we've been able to find various sources
concerned with plagiarism, including instances of individual
documents that have been plagiarised, and other that are
available _for_ plagiarism (i.e. from "term paper mills"),
but not the combination of plagiarised+original as we

If anyone is able to help us in this regard, either by
supplying suitable materials or pointing out where to find
them, we'll be very pleased to hear from you.

Mark Hepple

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Dept. of Computer Science, 
University of Sheffield, UK

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