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Fri May 26 2000

Confs: Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

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  1. Karima Soutsane, 3rd Durham Postgraduate Conference

Message 1: 3rd Durham Postgraduate Conference

Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 15:27:14 +0100 (BST)
From: Karima Soutsane <>
Subject: 3rd Durham Postgraduate Conference

		The Third Durham Postgraduate Conference in
			Theoretical & Applied Linguistics

Location	University of Durham, 
		Elvet Riverside I (Lecture Theatres 141 -142) 
		Durham DH1 3JT
		England, UK
Date:		Saturday, 10 June, 2000
Time:		9:00am - 6:00pm
The City:	Find out more about Durham at: (see also more information
Fee:		5 pounds to be paid on the day. Please pre-register
		by sending your name and affiliation before 5th June. 
Contact:	Karima Soutsane <>		
		Dept. of Linguistics & English Language
		University of Durham
		Elvet Riverside
		Durham DH1 3JT
		England, UK
		Tel. +44 191 374 2641
		Fax. +44 191 374 2685
Karima Soutsane (
Nicole Bosisio (
Melinda Whong-Barr (


9:00-9:30 	REGISTRATION 


Session A

9:30-10:00	Resumption in Wh-questions
		Lahcen Alami, Queen Mary and Westfield College,
		 University of London
10:00-10:30	Japanese Relative Clauses in a Dynamic Perspective
		Akiko Kurosawa, King's College, London

Session B

9:30-10:00	Do We Know What Teachers Need to Know?
		Siobhan Casson, University of Durham 
10:00-10:30	The Phonological Status of Glides
		Nicole Bosisio and Karima Soutsane, University of Durham

10:30-11:00	TEA

Session A

11:00-11:30	Sentential Not in Subjunctive Clauses
		Madoka Murakami, Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Japan 
		& University of Durham
Session B

11:00-11:30	L1 Perception of Standard Scottish English (SSE) Tense/Lax
		Vowel Contrasts: Spectral and Durational Acoustic Cues
		Paola Escudero, University of Edinburgh


11:30-12:30	Guest Speaker: Dr. SJ Hannahs (Univeristy of Durham)
		Title: Determining the Welsh determiner: phonology, 
		syntax or morphology? 

12:30-14:00	LUNCH


Session A

14:00-14:30	Floating Quantifiers and Scope Islands
		Eric Mathieu, University College, London

14:30-15:00	Are There in Fact No Multiple Wh-Movement Languages?
		Evidence from Hungarian and Georgian
		Zoe Taft, SOAS

15:00- 15.30	TEA 

15:30-16:00	Verbs at the Heart of Events: Lexical Selection of Figure
		and Ground
		David Stringer, University of Durham

16:00-16.30 	Bare NPs in Japanese
		Kyoko Oga, University of Durham

Session B

14:00-14:30	Language and Irradiation: A Neurobiological Explanation
		Sharon Unsworth, University of Durham

14:30-15:00	Synchronic Language Change in Afrikaans and the Perennial
		V2 Puzzle: Considering New Data
		Theresa Biberauer, University of Cambridge 

15:00-15.30	TEA

15:30-16:00	A Metonymic Model of Text Cohesion
		Abdel Gabbar Al-Sharafi, University of Durham

16:00-16:30	A Cross-sectional Study of French Interlanguage
		Development in an Instructional Setting
		Sarah Rule, University of Southampton


16:30-17:30	Guest Speaker: Prof Michael Sharwood Smith
		(Heriot-Watt University - Edinburgh)
		Title: Holmes versus Dr Watson: challenges for input
		enhancement research



How to get to Durham:

1) By train
	Services every 30 mins from King's Cross, London (direct).
	Journey takes approx. 3 hrs.
	Return tickets: On the day - 64 (Thursday); 73 (Friday)
			Apex (7 days in advance) - 43
			Super-Apex (14 days in advance - 31)
	Information Tel: - (0)345 484950
	Credit Card Telesales: (0)345 225225

2) By coach
	National Express coaches leave Victoria Coach Station (5-to-10-min.
	 walk from Victoria train/tube station) at 9:30, 12:30, 15:00, and 
	Journey takes approx. 	5 hrs 30 mins. There is also a night bus, 
	leaving at 23:30 and arriving at 5:20.
	Return tickets: On the day - 27 pounds
			7 days in advance - 20 pounds
	Enquiries, and Credit Card Telesales: Tel: 0870 5808080

3) By plane
	Either via London, then by coach / train (see above), or to
	Newcastle airport, then by taxi (approx. 30 mins), or public transport.

Where to stay:

1) University Colleges
	University Colleges have guest rooms, often (but not always)
	occupied by students during term-time. Some have accommodation
	specifically for tourists / visitors to the city. Ask if they have
	'student rates'. Here are a few options:

City centre:

	University College			Single: 20.50 pounds
	Durham Castle				Double: 40 pounds
	Durham DH1 3RW
	Tel: 0191 374 3863	(wonderful location; very basic accommodation)
	Fax: 0191 374 7470

	Hatfield College			Single: 19 pounds
	North Bailey				Double: 38 pounds
	Durham DH1 3RQ
	Tel: 0191 374 3165
	Fax: 0191 3747472

	College of St. Hild and St. Bede	Single: 19 pounds
	Leazes Road				Double: 36 pounds
	Durham DH1 1SZ
	Tel: 0191 374 3069
	Fax: 0191 374 4740

15 min. walk from city centre:

	St. Mary's College			Single: 19.05 pounds
	Elvet Hill Road				Double: 38.07 pounds
	Durham DH1 3LR
	Tel: 0191 374 7113
	Fax: 0191 374 7473

	St. Aidan's College			Single: 19 pounds
	Windmill Hill				Double: 34.50 pounds
	Durham DH1 3LJ
	Tel: 0191 374 3269
	Fax: 0191 374 4749

2) Bed and Breakfast
There are many B&Bs in Durham. It's worth consulting budget guidebooks to
see what they recommend. Many appear to have only a small number of rooms
available, so here is a selection of addresses, all within 15 mins walk of
the University / city centre:
	Paula Burn				Single: 20 pounds
	Green Grove				Twin: 35 pounds
	99 Gilesgate				Double: 30 pounds
	Durham DH1 1JA
	Tel: 0191 384 4361

Mrs. A. A. Elliot				Single: 22 pounds
	Gilesgate Lodge				Twin: 35 pounds
	169 Gilesgate
	Durham DH1 1QH
	Tel: 0191 384 1671

	Ms. Christina Thomas			Single: 14 pounds
	9 Leazes Place				Double: 28 pounds
	Durham DH1 1RE
	Tel: 0191 386 8479

	Mrs. M. Koltai			Single / Double: 16 pounds
	10 Gilesgate			
	Durham DH1 1QW
	Tel: 0191 386 2026

	Mrs. R. E. Brown			Single: 18 pounds
	Wilmot House				Double: 36 pounds
	50 The Avenue
	Durham DH1 4EB
	Tel: 0191 386 4064

	Mrs. J. M. Metcalfe			Single: 18 pounds
	12 The Avenue				Double: 36 pounds
	Durham DH1 4ED
	Tel: 0191 384 1020
	Fax: 0870 161 7221

	Castle View Guest House			Single: 38 pounds
	4 Crossgate				Double: 50 pounds
	Durham DH1 4PS
	Tel & Fax: 0191 386 8852

	Drumforke				Single: 20 pounds
	25 Crossgate Peth			Double: 35 pounds
	Durham DH1 4PZ
	Tel: 0191 384 2966

	Mrs. L. Byrne				Single: 20 pounds
	Castledene				Double: 30 pounds
	37 Nevilledale Terrace
	Durham DH1 4QG
	Tel & Fax: 0191 384 8386

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