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Sat Jun 3 2000

Confs: Topic and focus in Chinese

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  1. Sze-Wing Tang, Topic and focus in Chinese

Message 1: Topic and focus in Chinese

Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 18:42:47 +0800
From: Sze-Wing Tang <>
Subject: Topic and focus in Chinese

'International Symposium on Topic and Focus in Chinese' will be held at
the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on June 21-22, 2000. Please check
our website for travel, accommodations, and program and registration


09:00 opening remarks 
09:30 Huba Bartos 
 (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
 Topics, quantifiers, subjects 
10:00 Yuan Shen 
 (City Univ of HK)
 Focus structures of indefinite-subject sentences in Chinese and 
 the use of you 
10:30 Horst-Dieter Gasde 
 Two types of topic in Chinese and German
11:00 break
11:15 Jie Xu and Yuzhi Shi 
 (National Univ of Singapore)
 The growth and decline of two focus operations in the history 
 of Chinese grammar 
11:45 Derek Herforth 
 (Univ of Sydney)
 The syntax of focus in late Zhou Chinese
12:15 Danqing Liu 
 (CityU of HK)
 Subtopic-prominent dialects of Chinese
12:45 lunch
14:00 Dingxu Shi 
 (HK Polytechnic Univ)
 The nature of background topic 
14:30 Yulin Yuan
	(Peking University)
	Hanyu huati de yufa diwei he yufahua chengdu
15:00 break
15:15 Chungmin Lee
 (Seoul National Univ/UCLA) 
 Contrastive topic in Chinese and Korean
15:45 Sze-Wing Tang and Thomas Hun-tak Lee 
 (HK Polytechnic Univ; City Univ of HK)
 Focus as an anchoring condition 
16:15 Liejiong Xu 
 (City Univ of HK)
 Association between operator and focus 
16:45 break
17:00 Yan Jiang 
 (HK Polytechnic Univ)
 n-ways in interpreting a topic structure in Chinese
17:30 Marinus van den Berg and Guo Wu 
 (Leiden Univ; Univ Western Sydney)
 The pragmatics of topicality in
09:00 Ren Zhang 
 (York Univ)
 Think constructionally: the case of lian ... dou reopened 
09:30 Xiaolu Yang 
 (Tsinghua Univ)
 Restrictive focus in L1 acquisition of Chinese 
10:00 Nai Fai Wong and Yang Gu 
 (Shue Yan College; Chinese Univ of HK)
 Modality, topic, and focus in Mandarin Chinese 
10:30 break
10:45 Shu-ing Shyu 
 (National Sun Yat-sen Univ)
 Are inverse predications in pseudoclefts possible?
11:15 Suying Yang 
 (HK Baptist Univ)
 The presence or absence of identificational focus in the 
 shi ... (de) construction
11:45 Jie Xu and Boon Soeng Teoh 
 (National Univ of Singapore)
 Focus-marking in Chinese and Malay 
12:15 Yang Shen
	(Peking University)
	Mingci duanyu de fenlie yiwei yu fenliexing huati
12:45 lunch
14:00 Mei Fang and Charles N. Li 
 Comprehensive basis of clause initial zero anaphora in 
 Chinese narratives: constructional schema and cognitive model 
14:30 Chen-Sheng Liu 
 (National Chi Nan Univ)
 From a pronoun to a topic marker 
15:00 Jianhua Hu and Haihua Pan 
 (City Univ of HK)
 Deriving the subject-object asymmetry in topicalization 
15:30 break
15:45 Yuchau Hsiao 
 (National Chengchi Univ)
 Focus alignment in Taiwan Southern Min 
16:15 Vicky C.-M. Man 
 (HK Baptist Univ)
 Focus effects on Cantonese tones: an acoustic study
16:45 break
17:00 Waltraud Paul 
 Verb copying, object preposing and topic prominence in 
 Mandarin Chinese 
17:30 Peppina Po-lun Lee and Haihua Pan 
 (City Univ of HK)
 Focus, modals, and scope interaction in Mandarin 
18:00 Wei-Tian Dylan Tsai 
 (National Tsing Hua Univ)
 Object fronting and focus placement in Chinese
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