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Fri Jun 9 2000

Qs: Color Metaphors, Arabic Spoken Corpus

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  1. Gill Philip, colour metaphors
  2. Sameh Al-ansary, Arabic Spoken Corpus

Message 1: colour metaphors

Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 19:16:05 +0200
From: Gill Philip <>
Subject: colour metaphors

I'm working on a corpus study of the meaning of colour words (when
they're not describing the colour of something), and have recently come
across literature on metaphorical mapping. Does anybody know of any
existing work on metaphors involving colours? These can be 'linguistic'
or 'conceptual', but I'm more interested in the latter. I would be very
grateful for any references, and will post a summary if enough interest
is generated.

thanks in advance


Gill Philip
Universit´┐Ż di Bologna
piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 4

tel (centralino) + 39 015 209 7750
fax + 39 051 209 7751
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Message 2: Arabic Spoken Corpus

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 16:43:29 +0200
From: Sameh Al-ansary <>
Subject: Arabic Spoken Corpus

Dear list members,

 I wonder if anyone can help me in finding a spoken Arabic Corpus for
free for academic research. I heard about this but I do not know exactly
where I can find it. I will be really very grateful for anyone who can guide

Best regards,

Sameh Alansary,
Nijmegen University,
The Netherlands.
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