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Thu Jun 15 2000

Confs: Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5)

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  1. Jacqueline Lecarme, Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5), Paris France

Message 1: Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5), Paris France

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 14:06:44 +0100
From: Jacqueline Lecarme <>
Subject: Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5), Paris France


		 5th International Conference
		 on Afroasiatic Linguistics
			 Paris, France

			 28-30 June 2000

The 5th International Conference on Afroasiatic Languages will be held
on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 28-30, 2000, at Universit� Paris
VII - Denis Diderot, 2 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris (M�tro: Jussieu).

Invited speakers for CAL5 are Mohand Guerssel (UQAM), R.J. Hayward
(SOAS), and Alec Marantz (MIT).

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Wednesday, 28 June 2000
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8.45-9.00 Jochem Hoock, Vice President of Universit� Denis Diderot
 Opening remarks
9.00-9.40 Jamal Ouhalla, QMWC London
 Complementizers and Clitic-Second in Berber

9.40-10.20 Girma Halefom and John Lumsden, UQAM
 Decomposing the Perfect Conjugation
10.20-11.00 Tal Siloni, Tel Aviv University
 Case Checking in Phonology
11.00-11.15 Pause
11.15-11.55 Lina Choueiri, University of Southern California
 Yes-No questions, focus, and PF movement
11.55-12.35 Adam Ussishkin, University of Santa Cruz
 Templatic Effects as Fixed Prosody: the Verbal System in Semitic
12.35-14.00 Pause
14.00-14.40 Melanie Green and Phil Jaggar, University of Sussex and SOAS
 Exhaustive Listing vs. New Information Focus in Hausa:
 morphosyntactic-semantic correlations?
14.40-15.20 Eugene Buckley, University of Pennsylvania
 Emergent vowels in Tigrinya templates
15.20-15.35 Pause
15.35-16.15 David Swinburne, Tel Aviv University
 Context-dependent Prepositions: the Semantics of `Be'
16.15-16.55 Sabrina Bendjaballah, Institut f�r Sprachwissenschaft, Vienna
 The internal structure of the determiner in Bedja
16.55-17.35 Edit Doron, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
 Transitivity Alternations in the Semitic Template System
17.35-17.50 Pause
17.50-18.50 Invited Speaker: R.J. HAYWARD, SOAS
 Omotic: the 'empty quarter' in Afroasiatic Linguistics

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Thursday, 29 June 2000
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9.00-9.40 Abdelkader Fassi Fehri, IRA - Universit� Mohammed V
 Transitivity, Aspect, and Number
9.40-10.20 Chris Reintges, Leiden University
 A Configurational Approach to Second Tenses in Coptic Egyptian
10.20-11.00 Ivy Sichel, City University of NY Graduate Center
 Phrasal Movement in Hebrew DPs
11.00-11.15 Pause
11.15-11.55 Tabea Ihsane, Universit� de Gen�ve
 'That's a demonstrative: that's a head !'
11.55-12.35 David Le Gac, Universit� Paris 7
 Tonal Alternations in Somali
12.35-13.15 Denise Perrett, SOAS
 The Dynamics of Tense Construal: clause chaining in Hadiyya
13.15-14.30 Pause
14.30-15.10 Outi Bat-El, Tel Aviv University
 Anti-faithfulness: An Inherent Morphological Property
15.10-15.50 Irena Botwinik-Rotem, Tel Aviv University
 The thematic and Categorial Status of Ps: the Dative,
 Directional, Locative Distinction 

15.50-16.30 Karim Achab, McGill University 
 Ordre des mots, topicalisation et alternance d'�tat en berb�re 

16.30-16.45 Pause 

16.45-17.25 Georgine Ayoub, Universit� Paris 7 
 Les modes de l'�nonciation en arabe litt�raire 
 et en arabe libanais 

17.25-18.05 Ur Shlonsky, Universit� de Gen�ve 
 The form of Semitic noun phrases 

18.05-20.00 Reception 

20.00-21.00 Invited Speaker: Mohand GUERSSEL, UQAM 
 Branching rimes

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Friday, 30 June 2000
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9.00-9.40 Elabbas Benmamoun, University of Illinois
 Lexical Relations and the Role of the Imperfective
 Template in Arabic Morphology
9.40-10.20 Mara Frascarelli, Universit� di Roma Tre
 Somali waxaa Cleft Constructions: A Small Clause analysis
10.20-11.00 Fran�ois Dell and Mohamed Elmedlaoui, EHESS-CNRS and
 University of Oujda
 Syllabification in Moroccan Arabic and how it differs 
 from that in Tashlhiyt Berber
11.00-11.15 Pause
11.15-11.55 Philippe Schlenker, ENS France and USC
 Indexicality, Logophoricity, and Plural Pronouns
11.55-12.35 Kimary Shahin, Birzeit University
 Vowel Innovation in Arabic: Inductive Grounding 
 and Pattern Symmetry
12.35-14.00 Pause
14.00-14.40 Nora Boneh, Universit� Paris 3
 On Information Packaging Strategies and Syntactic
 Structure in Modern Hebrew
14.40-15.20 Robert Ratcliffe, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
 The Plural System of Moroccan Arabic in Diachronic Perspective
15.20-15.35 Pause
15.35-16.15 Maher Bahloul, King Saud University
 The Syntax of Negative Adverbs in Arabic
16.15-16.55 Ali Idrissi, UQAM
 Word Formation and Transfer in Templatic Morphology> 
16.55-17.35 Ilan Hazout, University of Ha�fa
 Argument Control and Purpose Phrases in Hebrew

17.35-17.50 Pause
17.50-18.30 Business Meeting
18.30-19.30 Invited Speaker: Alec MARANTZ, MIT
 Roots: The Universality of Root and Pattern Morphology

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Web site for CAL5:

For further information, email (Jean Lowenstamm) (Jacqueline Lecarme)

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