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Fri Jun 16 2000

Sum: Fieldwork Recorder Advice

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  1. HMooney, Fieldwork Recorder Advice

Message 1: Fieldwork Recorder Advice

Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 16:33:40 -0700
From: HMooney <>
Subject: Fieldwork Recorder Advice

For Query: Linguist 11.1313

Thanks to everyone (too many to list) who responded to my recent query about a
recorder for use in field work. Although a few people recommended using DAT
(Digital Audio Tape) the overwhelming consensus was to use MiniDisk. Apparently
MiniDisk recorders come in very tiny formats, use very tiny disks, have
high-quality sound and are not too expensive.

Several people warned against using a voice-activated microphone, because they
tend to cut off the first part of the utterance that activates them. Also not
recommended is a built-in mic, which might pick up more ambient room noise than

One person warned me against recording people without their knowledge. She's
right, of course.

Hank Mooney
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