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Tue Jun 20 2000

Qs: Russian Sentence Structure, Morimoto UCLA Paper

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  1. Roberta DAlessandro, Russian sentence structure
  2. Lyndra S. Givens, Morimoto dissertation

Message 1: Russian sentence structure

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 11:45:35 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Roberta DAlessandro <dalessraIMS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE>
Subject: Russian sentence structure

Dear all,

I would like to ask you for reference books about Russian sentence
structure in a generative paradigm. I am mainly interested in
constructions of the type: mne ne rabotaetsja, with the logic subject
in the dative case.

I thank you very much for your help,

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Message 2: Morimoto dissertation

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 16:44:50 -0500
From: Lyndra S. Givens <>
Subject: Morimoto dissertation

I'm an interlibrary loan librarian and linguist on the side. One of our 
university's linguists would like to read Toyotomi Morimoto's 1989 UCLA 
dissertation "Language and heritage of immigrants: Japanese language 
schools in California 1903-1941." I can't find it through my usual library 
tools. I have emailed UCLA but not yet received a response. As Korean is 
not an important language in the Rio Grande Valley, and this dissertation 
would not be an essential part of our collection, I hope not to have to 
purchase this dissertation out of my tiny interlibrary loan budget if I can 
avoid it. Could anyone point me either to a library (or other source) that 
you know has this item or to Dr. Morimoto himself? 

Lyndra S. Givens, Texas A&M International University, Laredo TX
Lyndra S. Givens (, reference/interlibrary loan librarian
Texas A&M International University, Laredo TX
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