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Thu Jun 22 2000

Sum: Spoken Language Examples at Web Sites

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  1. Amy L Sheldon, Spoken Language Examples at Web Sites

Message 1: Spoken Language Examples at Web Sites

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 15:42:51 -0500 (CDT)
From: Amy L Sheldon <>
Subject: Spoken Language Examples at Web Sites

For Query: Linguist 11.1254

The following are Linguist List replies in response to my
inquiry about live data on dialects, register shifting, code-switching,
etc. which may be at websites and which could be useful for a general
class on Language and Society. There are some suggestions about print data
too. Thanks very much to all who responded. Amy Sheldon

If you're interested in NNS-accented English, there's a great archive
on the web put together by linguistics classes at George Mason
University. It also includes a few NSs (British and Australian at
they require quite a bit of 'processing' but you can teach great classes
with the data there. 
Also, British National Corpus
and Childes 
Ingrid Piller
There is some nice material about reported speech in English at the
following site:
You will see transcripts of what politicians actually said, compared with
the way it was reported in UK newspapers.
Raphael Salkie
Here you'll find a topic "Spracvhwissenschaftliche Korpora online".
I guess the UPENN link will help you.
Carsten Otto
We have a site illustrating dialectal variation in Norwegian, at
Currently we have 17 recordings of different informants reading the "North
Wind and the Sun" story familiar from the IPA's Handbook. They are not
specifically related to code swithching phenomena. The audio format is
MP3, and each recording has a detailed phonetic.
Kristian Skarbo 
Kristin Melum Eide
It's not spoken but might be of use for your class 
in relation to code-switching.
There are sections on what happens in immigrant settings to two languages
that come into contact.
Petek Kurtboke
Summary of good films for various dialects.
Anne Barron
Another source for films, etc
	Ch. 4 of _Spoken Soul_ by John Rickford, Rickford
and Smitherman John Wiley (2000)
John Rickford
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