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Sat Jun 24 2000

Qs: Native Am Lang/Films, Sp Patterns/Stalkers

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  1. HMooney, Films in Native American Languages
  2. "" Speech patterns of stalkers

Message 1: Films in Native American Languages

Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 15:20:48 -0700
From: HMooney <>
Subject: Films in Native American Languages

I know of only one film actually entirely in an American Indian language. It is
called "Chac" and came out in the 1980s (possibly 70s). It is set in Chiapas and
is entirely in Tzeltal, a highland Mayan language.

Does anyone on the list know of any other languages in NA languages? Not just
films that throw in a few words (like The Mask of Zorro, which has about three
minutes worth of dialogue in a NA language, possibly Nahuatl). I'm interested in
films where the predominant or only language is a NA language.

I'll post a list of what I get.

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Message 2: Speech patterns of stalkers

Date: 24 Jun 2000 15:02:02 -0000
From: "" <email>
Subject: Speech patterns of stalkers

 Hi there,

 Would anyone be able to point me to studies that detail predatory male
 speech patterns or something in a similar vein that would help - I am
 writing a mystery that features correspondence from a stalker. I've been out
 of the linguist loop for a while; I'm rusty but I've been reading letters
 from known predators.


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