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Sun Jul 16 2000

Jobs: Comp Ling Consultant, ShortCyclesInc California

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  1. Ian Goldsmid, Comp Ling: Consultant at ShortCycles Inc, Bay Area, California USA

Message 1: Comp Ling: Consultant at ShortCycles Inc, Bay Area, California USA

Date: 13 Jul 2000 22:01:15 -0000
From: Ian Goldsmid <>
Subject: Comp Ling: Consultant at ShortCycles Inc, Bay Area, California USA

Rank of Job: Senior / Principal Consultant
Areas Required: Lexicography / Taxonomy / Ontology Applied to Software
Other Desired Areas: Must Have Several Years Commercial / Private Sector
University or Organization: ShortCycles Inc
Department: Professional Services
State or Province: Bay Area, California
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: August 31st 2000
Contact: Ian Goldsmid

Address for Applications:
San Bruno
CA 94066

Information Engineering Consultant at ShortCycles - Location -San Bruno, Ca

Company overview:

ShortCycles ( is a business-to-business
(B2B) e-services provider that delivers the first dynamic, web-based
sales and marketing information exchange to ensure sales teams and
channel partners have access to the information they need to close

Utilizing the ShortCycles Context Maps(tm) patent-pending technology,
the ShortCycles solution securely organizes, categorizes and retrieves
unstructured sales and marketing Information such as: presentations,
customer references, E-mail announcements, audio / video materials, and
competitive analysis.

A venture-backed pre-IPO with investors including New Enterprise
Associates (NEA), Sigma Partners and R.B. Webber, ShortCycles was
founded in April 1999. However, the unique ShortCycles Context Map
technology used in the ShortCycles solution was developed over a four
year period in cooperation with the Hewlett Packard Company.

This technology was designed from the outset to leverage important new
Web standards endorsed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), including XML and Resource Description Framework (RDF),
the W3C's answer to the problems associated with using HTML hyperlink
technology, directories, and full-text indexes for locating
information on the Web.

The ShortCycles solution is available today in an application service
provider (ASP) model that can be deployed in as little as 30 days. In
this short period, the service can be configured to meet
customer-specific requirements and current content can be migrated and
loaded into the ShortCycles system, without requiring changes to
existing content development processes or use of proprietary authoring

ShortCycles first major goal: Worldwide Leader in delivering e-services
 for sales and marketing information exchange.

ShortCycles Promise: Content in context, without compromises.

Information Engineering Consultant

Responsibilities include:

* Work closely with ShortCycles' customers and ShortCycles' Customer
 Engagement Manager, to identify and establish requirements for building
 and customizing ShortCycles' Context-Maps according to each customer's
 specific needs, resulting in a 'list' of defined terms / synonyms, and
 their hierarchy / relationships (as an inherently venn diagram

 Lead and participate in engagements that gather and understand
 extensive customer information relating to their (internal) sales /
 marketing / product organization / model and their (external)
 market-place (also responsible for agreeing and defining the scope /
 boundary of their 'market-place') also how the industry analysts
 understand and define this market-place. Abstract all this into a
 consistent, coherent, and complete set of defined terms - in doing so
 cut through the language to the meaning. 

 Gather information and formulate customer specific Context-Maps, build
 consensus amongst multiple participating customer representatives to
 agree definitions, synonyms and meaning.

 Provide education / training to customers on their Context-Maps and
 inherent ontology. 

* Accountable for meeting the project objectives, customer satisfaction
 and utilization targets for those engagements, as well as contributing
 to the overall success of the ShortCycles Professional Services Unit.

* Meet regularly with project team and customers to identify ways to
 better deploy existing ShortCycles service or to modify process to more
 effectively leverage the technology.

* Research best practices in industries and functional areas that
 ShortCycles does not yet provide Context-Maps for, and research
 alternative solutions (to existing Context-Maps).

Required Skills / Experience:

* Must have (as a pre-requisite to the below options), excellent
 Customer Relationship / Communication Skills, be highly organized and
 analytical with a capacity for paying great attention to detail. 5 - 7
 years minimum work experience.

Several (not all) of the Following Skills / Experiences:

* Possibly a linguistic background.

* Extensive Data / Object Modeling experience

 Object Oriented Analysis - extraction of objects and classes.

* Ontology design

* Working on projects that have included some of the following:
 thesaurus development, lexicology / vocabulary / information / knowledge
 engineering, semantic / language processing, content editing, data
 abstraction and definition where precision and agreement of meaning was
 critical, library science, concept mapping, description logic, taxonomy
 data modeling, topic mapping, topic navigation.

Minimum Education Required:

* Bachelors Degree or Higher - Linguistics would be a relevant although
 not essential option.

* MBA a plus - not essential.

Please reply to:

Ian Goldsmid
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