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Tue Jan 25 2000

Confs: Evolutionary Computation and Cognitive Science

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  1. Janet Wiles, ECCS Workshop program

Message 1: ECCS Workshop program

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 20:42:23 +1000 (EST)
From: Janet Wiles <>
Subject: ECCS Workshop program

ECCS is on this Friday in Melbourne. For your information, the final
program is appended to this email. Please feel free to forward it to
other colleagues who may be interested.

A Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computing
will be devoted to the theme of the workshop - Evolutionary Computing and
Cognitive Science. More details will be available at the workshop or on
the web page afterwards.

	 Program for the Workshop on
 Evolutionary Computation and Cognitive Science

	Friday 28 - Saturday 29 January 2000	
	 La Trobe University City Campus
 215 Franklin Street Melbourne, Room AG 04

Friday 28 January

8:30	Registration and coffee
9:30	Tutorial on Evolutionary Computation - Jennifer Hallinan,
	University of Queensland
	Opening Address - Janet Wiles, University of Queensland
12:00 	What is stable enough for language to evolve and
	still be learnable? 
	Roger Wales, La Trobe University 
	& Chris Davis, University of Melbourne
2:00	Negotiating syntax
 John Batali, University of California at San Diego

3:00	Language adapts to aid its own survival: Towards a
	working model of the emergence of morphosyntax 
 	Simon Kirby, University of Edinburgh
4:30	Evolving language to the edge of chaos: Boolean nets
	and linguistic parameters 
	James Hurford, University of Edinburgh.

Saturday 29 January

9:30	What are the conditions for language emergence in
	the record of human evolution? 
	Iain Davidson, University of New England

11:00	The punctuated equilibrium model of language evolution 
	R.M.W. Dixon, La Trobe University
12:00 - 2:00pm Poster session and Lunch
2:00	Survival of the least fit: The prisoner's dilemma in
	evolutionary computation 
	Marcus Frean, Victoria University of Wellington
3:00	Investigating the constraints on the emergence of
	word order universals: Evidence from connectionist 
	simulations and artificial grammar learning
	Morten Christiansen, Southern Illinois University
4:30	Signs, symbols and words in language evolution models 
 	Angelo Cangelosi, University of Plymouth


Evolving recurrent networks for context-free language prediction
 Mikael Boden, Henrik Jacobsson, and Tom Ziemke
Training neural networks to predict a context-sensitive language by
evolutionary hill-climbing
 Stefan Chalup and Alan D. Blair
Modeling sound systems with evolutionary computation techniques
 Jinyun Ke and William S-Y Wang
Language and the Cuneiforms
 Peter Linaker
Evolving self-sacrifice: A case study in experimental ethics
 Ann Nicholson, Kevin Korb, and Steven Mascaro
Using an evolutionary algorithm to guide problem selection in an online
educational game
 Elizabeth Sklar and Jordan Pollack
How innate must language be? 
 Brad Tonkes and Janet Wiles
Neural weak classifiers for language learning
 Michael Towsey, Claire D'Este and Joachim Diederich
An evolutionary model of natural language generation
 Huck Turner
Exploring semantic complexity by a computational learning model
 Yuan Yao and Jinyun Ke

- ---------------------------------------------------
Registration on site: 
 AUS$ 95 (ordinary)
 AUS$ 60 (student)

Further details:

 _-_|\ A/Prof. Janet Wiles <>
 / * Joint Appointment in the School of Psychology and
 \_.-._/ Dept of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
 v The University of Queensland QLD 4072 AUSTRALIA

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