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Books: Japanese-Okinawan Languages: Ainu

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  1. kmatsum, The Ainu Language, Sazuko Tamura

Message 1: The Ainu Language, Sazuko Tamura

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 17:23:44 +0900 (JST)
From: kmatsum <>
Subject: The Ainu Language, Sazuko Tamura

Dear all,

The Department of Asian and Pacific Linguistics of The University of
Tokyo is proud to announce the publication of "The Ainu Language" by
Suzuko Tamura in English translation.

Inquiries should be addressed to < >.


 Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology
 University of Tokyo
 Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO 113-0033 JAPAN
 tel. +81-3-5841-2675; fax +81-3-5800-3740
 home page:

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New Book
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Title: The Ainu Language
Author: Suzuko Tamura (Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo)
Publisher: Sanseido Co., Ltd
 2-22-14, Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8371, Japan
Date of publication: July 10, 2000
Price: JPY 3,000 (+VAT)
ISBN 4-385-35976-8

This book is a translation of the full text of the section on the
Ainu language written by Tamura that was originally published in
1988 as part of the first volume of _The Sanseido Encyclopaedia of
Linguistics_. The English translation was made under the auspicies
of The Department of Asian and Pacific Linguistics, Graduate 
School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo, as part
of its endangered languages project.

Trained by Shiro Hattori (1908 - 1995), Suzuko Tamura is one of 
the leading experts in the Ainu language and has herself trained 
many of the younger Ainu language researchers now in their 30's 
and 40's.

Practically the first book ever published in English which presents
a detailed syntax of the Ainu language based on primary data 
obtained through field research by a first-rate Ainu scholar in
Japan, it is a must for everyone interested in the Ainu language
and/or is concerned about endangered languages in general.

- -------------------- Table of Contents -------------------------

List of Abbreviations

1 Introduction
1.1 Dialects
1.2 Genealogy
1.3 Documentation

2 History of Ainu Studies
2.1 Views on Ainu up to the 19th Century
2.2 Linguistic Research of the 20th Century
2.3 Transcription and Study of Oral Literature
2.4 Research on Place Names

3 Phonology
3.1 Phonemes
3.2 Syllable Structure
3.3 Accent
3.3.1 Open Syllable
3.3.2 Closed Syllable
3.3.3 Exceptional Cases
3.4 Phonological Alternation and Limits on Phonotactics
3.4.1 Within a Syllable
3.4.2 Between Syllables

4 Syntactic Elements and Syntax
4.1 Word Order
4.1.1 Basic Sentence Structures
4.1.2 Modifiers
4.1.3 Postpositions
4.1.4 Negatives and Prohibitives
4.1.5 Word Order in Interrogative Sentences, Imperatives
4.1.6 Change in Word Order
4.1.7 Omission
4.2 Parts of Speech
4.3 Verbs
4.3.1 Tense
4.3.2 Number
4.3.3 Types of Verbs
4.3.4 Verb Phrases that Function as Single Words
4.3.5 Supplementary Verbs
4.4 Personal Pronouns and Person
4.4.1 Personal Pronouns
4.4.2 Personal Affixes, Personal Forms
4.4.3 Nominative-Accusative Personalization of Transitive Verbs
4.4.4 Person
4.4.5 Use of the Indefinite Person
4.4.6 On the Indefinite Person Affixes
4.4.7 Omission of Personal Pronouns
4.5 Nouns
4.5.1 Common Nouns
4.5.2 Locative Nouns
4.5.3 Dependent Nouns
4.5.4 Nominalizing Words
4.6 Adnominals
4.6.1 Adnominal Numerals
4.6.2 Demonstrative and Referential Adnominals
4.7 Adverbs
4.7.1 Normal Adverbs
4.7.2 Postpositional Adverbs
4.8 Conjunctions
4.9 Interjections
4.10 Particles
4.10.1 Auxiliary Verbs
4.10.2 Nominalizing Particles
4.10.3 Case Particles (Postpositional Particles)
4.10.4 {Adverbial} Particles
4.10.5 Conjunctive Particles and Conjunctions
4.10.6 Sentence-Final Particles
4.11 Sentence Structure
4.11.1 The Structure of Verb Phrases
4.11.2 The Structure of Noun Phrases
4.11.3 Noun-like Use of Verb Phrases and Completion of Predicate Phrases

5 Word Formation
5.1 Compounding
5.1.1 The Formation of Complete Verbs
5.1.2 The Formation of Compound Intransitive Verbs
5.1.3 The Formation of Compound Transitive Verbs
5.1.4 The Formation of Compound Nouns
5.2 Reduplication
5.2.1 Reduplication of Stems and Roots
5.2.2 VC Reduplication of a CVC Root
5.2.3 Reduplication of the Final CV of a CVCV Root or Stem
5.3 Derivation of Verbs
5.3.1 Prefixes
5.3.2 Suffixes
5.4 Derivation of Nouns
5.4.1 Prefixes
5.4.2 Suffixes
5.4.3 Conversion from Verbs
5.5 Derivation of Adverbs
5.5.1 Suffixes
5.5.2 Prefix + Noun + Suffix
5.5.3 Conversion from Verbs

6 Methods of Expression
6.1 Simple Declarative Sentences
6.1.1 Negative Expressions
6.1.2 Expressive Nominalizers
6.2 Expressions for Reporting Information
6.3 Questions
6.3.1 Yes or No Questions as Full Sentences
6.3.2 Questions Formed Using He
6.3.3 WH Questions
6.3.4 Criticism
6.3.5 Suggestions
6.4 Responses
6.4.1 Responses Using Reporting Pattern
6.4.2 Responses Using Un
6.4.3 Negative Responses
6.4.4 Short Answers
6.5 Demands
6.5.1 Imperatives
6.5.2 Requests
6.5.3 Instructions
6.5.4 Implied Demands
6.6 Prohibition
6.7 Invitations
6.8 Permission
6.9 Exclamations
6.10 Expressions of Desire
6.11 Greetings
6.11.1 Meetings
6.11.2 Departures

7 Vocabulary
7.1 Tendencies in Vocabulary
7.2 Numerals
7.2.1 On Counting
7.2.2 Counters and Numbers with Units
7.2.3 Expressing Large Amounts
7.3 Demonstratives
7.3.1 Spatial Demonstratives
7.3.2 Conceptual Demonstratives
7.4 Color Words
7.5 Special Terminology
7.6 Loan Words

8 Place Names

9 Literature

10 Anotated Bibliography
10.1 Dictionaries
10.2 References
10.2.1 General Works on the Ainu Language and Ainu Literature
10.2.2 Works on the Genealogy of the Ainu Language
10.2.3 Word Lists
10.2.4 Research Books on Place Names
10.2.5 Texts (oral literature that has been written down, poems, and biographies)
10.2.6 Bibliographies

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