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Fri Aug 11 2000

Books: Available for Review.

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  1. Andrew Carnie, Books Available for Review

Message 1: Books Available for Review

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 20:03:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrew Carnie <>
Subject: Books Available for Review

The following books are available for review. Please 
contact the Linguist List Review Editor: Andrew Carnie at

if you are interested in reviewing one of the following 

***When asking to review a book please include the 
following in your message:
 -the title of the book you wish to review
 -your full name and highest degree received
 -your affiliation
 -a short description of your research interests
 -a snail mail address for us to send the book to 
 (this is VERY important)

Do *not* include an electronic CV, nor a URL for your 
personal web page. These *will* be ignored. 

Reviews must be completed within 6 weeks of *receipt* of
the book or the book must be returned.

Aaltonen, Sirkku (2000) Time-Sharing on Stage, Drama
Translation in Theatre and Society. Clevedon: Multilingual
Matters LTD.

Baldauf Jr., Richard B., and Robert B. Kaplan, eds. (2000)
Language Planning, in Nepal, Taiwan and Sweden. Clevedon:
Multilingual Matters LTD.,

Baker, Colin (2000) A Parents; and Teachers'9 Guide to 
Bilingualism Clevedon: Multilingua Matters LTD.

Baker, Colin (2000) The Care and Education of Young Bilinguals
Clevedon: Multilingual Matters LTD.

Beukema, Frits, and den Dikken, Marcel (2000) Clitic Phenomena
in European Languages. Amsterdamn: John Benjamins.

Botley, Simon, Mcenery, Anthony, and Wilson, Andrew (2000) 
Multilingual Corpora in Teaching and Research Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000

Carlier, Anne, Lagae, Veronique, and Benninger, Celine (2000) Passe
et parfait Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2000

Carnie, Andrew and Eithne Guilfoyle (2000) The Syntax of Verb
Initial Languages. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Cenoz, Jasone, and Ulrike Jessner, eds. (2000) English in Europe,
The Acquisition of a Third Language. Clevedon: Multilingual
Matters LTD.

Chamberlain, Charlene, Jill P. Morford, and Rachel I. 
Mayberry (1999) Language Acquisition by Eye. Lawrence 
Erlbaum Associates: Mahwah, NJ

De Monnink, Inge (2000) On the Move. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000
Edwards, John (2000) Language in Canada. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 1998

Egbo, Benedicta (2000) Gender, Literacy, and Life Chances
in Sub-Saharan Africa. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters LTD

Green, Simon (2000) New Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
Modern Languages. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters LTD.

Hall, Joan Kelly, and William G. Eggington, eds. (2000) The 
Sociopolitics of English Language Teaching. Clevedon: Multilingual
Matters LTD.

Hilleman, Bregje (2000) The forbid/allow asymmetry. Amsterdam:

Iwanska, Lucja M., and Shapiro, Stuart C. (2000) Natural Language
Processing and Knowledge Representation. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Kecskes, Istvan, and Papp, Tunde (2000) Foreign Language and
Mother Tongue. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers

Kirk, John M. (2000) Corpora Galore. Amsterdam: Rodopi

Kontra, Miklos, Phillipson, Robert, Skutnabb-Kangas, Tove, and
Varady, Tibor, (2000)Language: A Right and a Resource. Budapest:
Central European University Press

LaFont, Cristina (1999) The Lingusitic Turn in Hermeneutic
Philosophy (translated by Jose Medina). MIT Press: Cambridge.

Lecumberri, M. Luisa Garcia, and John A. Maidment, eds. (2000)
English Transcription Course. London: Arnold.

Levinson, Stephen C. (2000) Presumptive Meanings. Cambridge:
The MIT Press

Martin, Roger, Michaels, David, and Uriagereka, Juan (2000)
Step by Step Cambridge: The MIT Press

Mellet, Sylvie, and Vuillaume, Marcel (2000) Le style 
indirect libre et ses contextes. Amsterdam: Rodopi

Messing, Lynn and Ruth Campbell (1999) Gesture, Speech and
Sign. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Neidle, Carol, Judy Kegl, Dawn MacLaughlin, Benjamin Bahan,
and Robert G. Lee. (2000) The Syntax of American Sign Language.
MIT Press. Cambridge.

Rosenthal, Judith W. (2000) Handbook of Undergraduate
Second Language Education. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum
Associates, publishers

Schaffner, Christina (2000) Translation in the Global Village
Clevedon: Multilingual Matters LTD.

Sutton-Spence, Rachel and Bencie Woll (1999) The 
Linguistics of British Sign Language: An Introduction. 
Cambridge University Press: Cambridge

Tesar, Bruce, and Smolensky, Paul (2000) Learnability in
Optimality Theory. Cambridge: The MIT Press

Toohey, Kelleen (2000) Learning English At School, Identity,
Social Relations and Classroom Practice. Clevedon:
Multilingual Matters LTD

Van de Laar, Henri (2000) Description of the Greek Individual
Verbal Systems. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000

Van Eynde, Frank, Schuurman, Ineke, and Schelkens, Ness (2000)
Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands, 1998. Amsterdam:

Voeste, Anja (1999) Varianz und Vertikalisierung. Amsterdam: 

Weisler, Steven and Slavko Milekic (1999) Theory of Language.
(Introductory textbook). MIT Press: Cambridge. Book & CD-ROM.
NOTE: Reviewer for this book *must* use a MacIntosh Computer.

Wright, Sue (2000) Community and Communication, the role of
language in nation state building and European integration.
Clevedon: Multilingual Matters LTD

Mon-Khmer Studies Volume 29. SIL: Dallas.
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