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Fri Aug 11 2000

FYI: Speech Dialects Research, Wordlists/Download

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  1. David Cole, Speech Dialects - Research Experiment Opportunity
  2. linguist, Wordlists - Li Fang-kuei Index, HSK wordlist, etc

Message 1: Speech Dialects - Research Experiment Opportunity

Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 12:17:17 -0700
From: David Cole <>
Subject: Speech Dialects - Research Experiment Opportunity


I am a member of a research group called the CSLU at the Oregon Graduate 
Institute. The CSLU is among the top research programs in the country for 
Computer Speech Recognition.

Soon we will be embarking on a rather extensive data collection which may 
be of interest to people in the field of Linguistics

The primary focus of our collection is to gather various speech dialects 
from within a moving automobile. The results of our efforts will be used to 
build better voice recognition systems in navigational, diagnostic and 
operational applications for cars in the near future.

We will be going to six different cities in the coming months. Savannah, 
Manchester, Portland, Austin, Minnesota, Kansas City.

The is also another collection that will be even more widely spread out 
then that one coming in the near future which will not be in a car. (for 
those of you that would be nervous about driving during a collection).

This is a wonderful opportunity to assist in a data collection which deals 
specifically with dialects and how they effect computer recognition.

Another benefit for helping in the research would be a monetary 
compensation that participants will receive of $25- $35 for about an hour 
and a half of time.

Any help that could be provided would be very much appreciated.

If you have any question at all please contact me as soon as possible.

David Cole

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Message 2: Wordlists - Li Fang-kuei Index, HSK wordlist, etc

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 12:47:48 +0800 (CST)
From: linguist <>
Subject: Wordlists - Li Fang-kuei Index, HSK wordlist, etc

 Dear all,

 Some wordlists I'd like to share(see below, some may be interested in
 Fangkuei Li's Siamese-Proto.Tai index) , please download at:


 Gong Gunhu
 Shantou University
 Guanngdong, China 

 Downloadable wordlists:
 1[A Word List of Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Dagang(HSK, Chinese Proficiency
 Test Syllabus)] Zipped Text file for Chinese (GB) Windows. Pinyin is
 provided for each lexical item. Those who want to compile textbooks of
 Chinese as a foreign language may find it useful.

 2[A List of Swatow Loanwords in Thai] Zipped MS Word97(for Chinese GB) doc
 file. Fields in the list: Chinese character, Thai writing, Thai
 pronunciaton, Swatow pronunciation. 315 lexical items in all. To read this
 file, you must use [a Thai font and an Ipa font.] this list may appear in

 3[An English Index of Thai- Proto.Tai in Fang kuei Li's Handbook] Zipped
 Text file for any environment. I substituted his order numbers with his own
 reconstructions. Much easier to use now. Now you don't have to input the
 nearly 2000 lines again! Note that I use some non-Latin symbols for some
 Thai phonemes.Thai forms and reconstructions (NOT the glosses)in the list
 have been checked once.
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