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Books: Athapskan Ling/Morphology, Syntax

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  1. Joyce Reid, Athapskan Ling/Morphology: Morpheme Order & Semantic Scope
  2. Joyce Reid, Syntax: Studies in Contemporary Phrase Structure Grammar

Message 1: Athapskan Ling/Morphology: Morpheme Order & Semantic Scope

Date: 11 Aug 00 12:06:17 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Athapskan Ling/Morphology: Morpheme Order & Semantic Scope

Morpheme Order and Semantic Scope
Word Formation in the Athapaskan Verb

Keren Rice, University of Toronto

Athapaskan languages are of great linguistic interest due to their
intricate morphology. In this clear and insightful book, Keren Rice
offers a rich survey of morpheme ordering in Athapaskan verbs, with
implications for both synchronic grammar and language change. She
argues that verb structure is predictable across Athapaskan languages
if certain abstract aspects of meaning are considered. This is the
first major comparative study of its type for Athapaskan languages,
combining descriptive depth with a contemporary theoretical


1. Introduction: Beginning the Journey; I. FIRST STEPS; 2. Introducing
the Problem; 3. Global Uniformity and Local Variability: A Possible
Account; II. THE LEXICAL TERMS; 4. First Stop: Introducing the Lexical
Items; 5. A Brief Side Trip: The Position of the Verb Stem;
6. Ordering of the Lexical Items; 7. Voice/Valence; 8. Summary:
Lexical Items; III. The Functional Items; 9. An Introduction to the
Functional Elements; 10. Pronominals; 11. The Aspect System;
12. Qualifiers and Their Ordering; 13. On the Ordering of Functional
Items; IV. A VIEW OF THE LEXICON; 14. The Scopal Hypothesis and
Simplifying the Lexicon; 15. Evidence From the Lexicon; V. THE END OF
THE JOURNEY; 16. Looking Back, Looking Ahead; VI. APPENDICES; Appendix
1. Templates and Affix Ordering; Appendix 2. The Languages; Appendix
3. Summary of Constraints and Language Differences; References

Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 
2000/468 pp.
0-521-58354-3/Hb/List: $64.95 Disc.: $51.96

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Message 2: Syntax: Studies in Contemporary Phrase Structure Grammar

Date: 11 Aug 00 13:05:14 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Syntax: Studies in Contemporary Phrase Structure Grammar

Studies in Contemporary Phrase Structure Grammar

Robert D. Levine, Ohio State University, Columbus
Georgia M. Green, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

This book explores a variety of central issues in the framework of
Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG), a major theory of
syntactic representation that is becoming increasingly dominant,
particularly in the domain of natural language computation. According
to this theory, certain structurally key words ("heads") in any human
language determine both the syntactic form and the semantic
interpretaton of the sentences they appear in. The separate chapters
consider problematic phenomena in German, Japanese and English and
suggest important extensions of, and revisions to, the current picture
of HPSG.


Georgia M. Green, Robert D. Levine, Christopher Manning, Ivan Sag,
Masayo Iida,Michael Johnston, Takao Gunji, Kathryn L. Baker, Kazuhiko
Fukushima, Andrea Kathol, Erhard W. Hinrichs, Tsuneko Nakazawa


Introduction Georgia M. Green and Robert D. Levine; 1. The lexical
integrity of Japanese causatives Christopher Manning, Ivan Sag and
Masayo Iida; 2. A syntax and semantics for purposive adjuncts in HPSG
Michael Johnston; 3. On lexicalist treatments of Japanese causatives
Takao Gunji; 4. 'Modal flip' and partial Verb Phrase fronting in
German Kathryn L. Baker; 5. A lexical comment on a syntactic topic
Kazuhiko Fukushima; 6. Agreement and the Syntax-Morphology Interface
in HPSG Andreas Kathol; 7. Partial VP and split NP topicalization in
German: an HPSG analysisErhard W. Hinrichs and Tsuneko Nakazawa.

2000/342 pp./23 figures
0-521-65107-7/Hb/List: $64.95 Disc.: $51.96

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