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Thu Jan 27 2000

Confs: 12th Annual Student Conference in Linguistics

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  1. Jason D Haugen, SCIL 12 Program

Message 1: SCIL 12 Program

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 13:12:28 -0700 (MST)
From: Jason D Haugen <jhaugenU.Arizona.EDU>
Subject: SCIL 12 Program

Program for the 12th Annual Student Conference in Linguistics

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
February 11 and 12, 2000

Friday, 2-11-00 (Student Union, Room 256)

1:00	Jessica Maye, University of Arizona
	 "Learning phonemes: Can you contrast minimal pairs
		in a language you can't understand?"
1:30 	Rachel Channon, University of Maryland
	 "Repetition in sign and reduplication in speech:
		evidence for a single timing unit in sign
2:00	Linda Tambourri Watt, University of British Columbia
	 "What's in the Input?: A look at prespecification in
		Optimality Theory"


3:00 	Yahor Tsedryk, University of Western Ontario
	 "Binding and checking theories: Two independent 
		grammatical modules"
3:30	Hidehito Hoshi, UC-Irvine
	 "Toward a restrictive theory of syntactic relations"
4:00	Danny Chien-Chou Chen, University of Arizona
	 "The aspectual ambiguity of _le_ in Mandarin Chinese"
4:30 	William Lewis, University of Arizona


5:15	Keynote Address, TBA

Saturday, 2-12-00 (Student Union, Tucson Room)

9:00	Coffee, Breakfast

9:30	Walcir Cardoso, McGill University & Universidade Federal do Para'
	 "A Constraint-based approach to variation: Evidence from
10:00	Sean Crist, University of Pennsylvania
	 "Conspiracy in historical phonology"
10:30	Bert Botma and Erik Yan van der Torre, HIL/University of Amsterdam
		and HIL/University of Leiden
	 "The prosodic interpretation of sonorants"
11:00 	Gina Taranto, UC-San Diego
	 "Sonorant alternations in Chaha-Morphology vs. phonology"

<lunch break>

1:00 	Erin L. O'Bryan, University of Arizona
	 "Processing differences in synthetic versus natural speech:
		Evidence from garden path sentences"
1:30	Claudia Kunschak, University of Arizona
	 "Complaint strategies in Viennese German"
2:00	Becky Childs and Benjamin Torbert, North Carolina State University
	 "Tracing language history through consonant cluster reduction:
		Comparative evidence from isolated dialects"


3:00	Shinichiro Ishihara, MIT
	 "Scrambling and its interaction with stress and focus"
3:30	Tomomi Kakegawa, Michigan State University
	 "Noun phrase word order and definiteness in Japanese"
4:00	Elsi Kaiser, University of Pennsylvania
	 "A first look at the syntactic structure of Finnish ditransitive
4:30	Cedric Boeckx and Bosook Kang, University of Connecticut
	 "Double Wh's"

<dinner break>

7:00	SCIL party, Gentle Ben's Brewing Company
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