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Sun Aug 27 2000

FYI: List of Phonetics URLs

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  1. karchung, Phonetics URLs

Message 1: Phonetics URLs

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 15:16:10 +0800
From: karchung <>
Subject: Phonetics URLs

	As the new semester draws ever nearer, I've found myself
scouring the Net for resources to use in my intro to phonetics

	What I discovered was nothing short of mindboggling. I still
find it hard to fathom that so many really outstanding phonetics
resources are out there just for the point-and-clicking. I feel
immense *gratitude* to all the people and organizations who are
freely sharing their treasures with the rest of the world. Thank
you!!! What a remarkable service you are doing the Internet and
linguistics communities!

	I then thought the least I could do is share my findings with
others who might be interested. Maybe the following list of URLs
can save you a few hours of search engine work (I worked on this
some *days*! Thanks also to!). If you are at all into
phonetics, and have a look at some of these, I cannot help but
think that you will be amazed too - and perhaps save yourself a
bit of class prep time. Many of the URLs below contain further
links you may find useful.

	Oh, and if you have some of your own good links not listed here,
please post them over LINGUIST, or write to me and I'll
	Happy clicking!

						Karen Steffen Chung
						National Taiwan University


(1) A Course in Phonetics: Vowels and Consonants (Web supplements
for Peter Ladefoged's _A Course in Phonetics_ [4th ed.] text.

(2) Online phonetics course (U of Lausanne, Switzerland;
translated from French)

(3) What is linguistics/phonetics? (Bulleted graphics; handy for
first day of class)

(4) Introduction to the fields of linguistics

(5) The vocal tract

(6) Speech organs (great graphics; includes downloadable
QuickTime movie of x-ray speech)

(7) X-Ray film database for speech research (Amazing x-ray videos
of people talking)

(8) Vocal cords in action: five still photos

(9) Vocal cords vibrating

(10) Epiglottis in motion/pharyngeal stops

(11) Examining of larynx - how vocal cords can be photographed (a
student asked about this last semester after viewing sites like

(12) Methods of examining larynx (further methods; vocal cords in

(13) Movement of articulators

(14) The International Phonetic Alphabet

(15) Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) homepage (IPA Help is
excellent; also IPA fonts, many tools)

(16) The distinctive vowel sounds of British and American English
(click to hear the sounds)

(17) Respiration and airstream mechanisms

(18) SIPhTrA voicing basics tutorial

(19) Plosives 1: basics (tutorial)

(20) Plosives 2: Voicing onset time and aspiration (tutorial)

(21) Unstressed vowels

(22) Stress system database

(23) Intro to prosody: chunking, focus, pitch (tutorial)

(24) Multiple articulations

(25) Coarticulation

(26) Sound machines: require MS Internet Explorer

(27) Speech Internet dictionary home page

(28) Sound waves

(29) Intro to speech waves and spectrograms (Lund. Sweden)

(30) cslu - Center for Spoken Language Understanding: spectrogram
tutorial, speech toolkit

(31) Studying phonetics on the Net: excellent links (some already
in this list)

(32) 3-D vocal tract MRI gallery (slow loading; good graphics and
sound files)

(33) Real time spectrogram (online spectrogram includes link to
required Snack 16 plug-in; take care not to crash it...or reboot!
But it's simple and works dandy; exercises included)

(34) Monthly mystery spectrogram website (on holiday, but
archives are available)

(35) Spectrogram reading: German

(36) The vOICe Sonification Applet 

***** My nomination for niftiest site on the Internet! Convert
graphics to sound and vice-versa. FUN!!! And instructive.*****

(37) Spectrogram version of preceding site

(38) Clicks, ejectives, etc. in many languages (Ladefoged; linked
to from first URL)

(39) Airstream mechanisms and phonation types: main points
(Ladefoged again)

(40) NWU: Airstream mechanisms

(41) Types of phonation: creaky, breathy, harsh, falsetto

(42) Language miniatures: whistled speech (I was surprised not to
find many other good sites on this topic)

(43) Gas-altered perceived voice pitch:

	a. Helium Voice (linked to sound file with poor audio quality,
but someone may ask about the 'Donald Duck' effect of helium)

	b. Sulfur Hexafluoride Voice

(44) The Human Ear: one page with picture, formulas (I couldn't
seem to find just the right human hearing site - not too simple,
not too specialized, and not requiring fancy plug-ins like
Shockwave; but this and the next are useful)

(45) The Ear: Instrument of Hearing


(1) Linguistics and Phonetics Worldwide (Stuttgart)

(2) Link list of phonetics, speech and acoustics (Helsinki)

(3) Phonetics and speech: Some bookmarks (Vienna)

(4) Prosody and intonation sites (Saarbruecken; German, other

(5) Speech research (USC)


(1) Videos available from the Acoustical Society of America
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