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Wed Aug 30 2000

FYI: Metadata Project, Global WordNet Association

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  1. Freddy Offenga, Website - EAGLES/ISLE Metadata Project
  2. Christiane Fellbaum, The Global WordNet Association (GWA)

Message 1: Website - EAGLES/ISLE Metadata Project

Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 11:47:02 +0200
From: Freddy Offenga <>
Subject: Website - EAGLES/ISLE Metadata Project

The EAGLES/ISLE Metadata Project WEB-SITE is on-line!
- ---------------------------------------------------

The EAGLES/ISLE Meta-Description Initiative is aimed at the linguistic
community and wants to develop and offer a standard for describing
Language Resources such as multimedia/multimodal corpora and lexicons
with the help of a limited number of characteristic descriptors. These
descriptors can be used to create so called meta descriptions of
Linguistic Resources and can be be put on the Internet and linked with
each other to facilitate easy resource discovery. It is planned to use
such a system in several concrete projects concerning among others data
of endangered languages and the exploitation facilities for a national
corpus. The major part of the project is to establish a standard set of
so called meta-data elements that describe Language Resources similar to
what has been done by the librarian community with their Dublin Core
meta-data standard.

To achieve its goals the ISLE Meta-Description Initiative will:

- Gather information about the use of meta-data for language resources
in existing linguistic projects.

- Try to reach consensus with a representative group of the linguistic
community about what set of meta-data items would be appropriate for
practical purposes.

- Try to come to a practical format and implementation for the above set
of meta-data elements.

What about the WEB-SITE?
- ----------------------
On the ISLE web-site you will find information about the organization of

the project and who are involved. Several documents about the subject
are available. There are overviews of related projects which will be
used to select the basic metadata elements to be included in the

Please bookmark the following link to the EAGLES/ISLE Metadata Project:

What do we need?
- --------------
- Information about projects to be included in the overview
- Documents about metadata projects, research and development
- Web addresses of important metadata projects or anything related

How to stay informed?
- ------------------
To subscribe to the EAGLES/ISLE metadata initiative information network,

please send an email to with subject: subscribe. You will be

added to the list as soon as possible.

We would like to encourage all interested members of the community to
participate and send us comments.

Daan Broeder
Freddy Offenga
Don Willems
Peter Wittenburg
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Message 2: The Global WordNet Association (GWA)

Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 14:40:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christiane Fellbaum <fellbaumclarity.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: The Global WordNet Association (GWA)

The Global WordNet Association (GWA) has just been founded. Its goals are 
to provide a forum for the dissemination and sharing of information about 
the construction and uses of WordNet and wordnets; working towards the 
standardization of wordnets, and building professional ties among researchers 
in linguistics, computational linguistics, and the larger NLP community. 

For membership information, see

Piek Vossen, Sail Labs, Antwerp (Belgium)
Christiane Fellbaum, Princeton University
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