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Fri Sep 1 2000

FYI: Appointment/ Creole, Lexicology Textbook

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  1. MIT2USA, Appointment Made to Promote Development of Creole Language Resources
  2. Alain Polguere, Lexicology Textbook Downloadable (in French)

Message 1: Appointment Made to Promote Development of Creole Language Resources

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:46:31 EDT
From: MIT2USA <>
Subject: Appointment Made to Promote Development of Creole Language Resources

New Chair of Board of Advisors at MIT2

August 25, 2000
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2), a software developer 
and language processing solutions service provider for Creole 
and less-prevalent languages, has appointed Dr. Michel DeGraff 
to the new corporate officer position of Chair of the Board of 
Advisors. DeGraff will occupy this position in addition to his 
teaching and research responsibilities as Associate Professor 
of Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy 
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

DeGraff, a native speaker of Haitian Creole, specializes in 
linguistic theory, language contact, language change / creation, 
socio-cultural aspects of Caribbean communities, as well as 
theoretical, methodological, educational, and socio-political 
aspects of Creole studies.

MIT2 President Marilyn Mason states: "Michel DeGraff has 
a wide range of experience with an undergraduate degree in 
Computer Science, Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Computer 
Science with a focus on (Computational) Linguistics, technical 
experience obtained on staff at the Linguistics & Artificial 
Intelligence departments of AT&T Bell Labs, and several 
teaching and research positions in academia over the past 
10 years. This kind of background is why MIT2, a company 
that focusses on collaborative networking and partnerships, 
specifically chose DeGraff as the main liaison with external 

DeGraff's primary role will be to coordinate MIT2's external 
advisors who will help to evaluate the company's Research 
and Development efforts for Creole language software 

For more information, please contact:

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2)
P.O. Box 181015, Boston, Massachusetts 02118 USA
Tel: (+1) 617 247-8885, Fax: (+1) 617 262-8923

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Linguistics & Philosophy Department
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-4307 USA
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Message 2: Lexicology Textbook Downloadable (in French)

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 14:15:34 -0400
From: Alain Polguere <Alain.PolguereUMontreal.CA>
Subject: Lexicology Textbook Downloadable (in French)


Some of you may be interested in taking a look at the
following textbook, in French, which can be used for
a first-year course in lexicology and semantics:

 Polgu�re, Alain (2000) Notions de base en lexicologie ['Core notions
 in lexicology']. Notes de cours polycopi�es, 128 pages.

It is in .pdf format for Acrobat Reader 4.0.

Each lesson contains pointers to selected readings and
proposes some exercices. The scope of this short textbook
is rather narrow but I tried to offer a coherent
and well-defined set of selected notions, introduced in
logical order.

I am interested in any comment, suggestion or criticism.

Many thanks,

Alain Polgu�re
OLST -- Dept. of Linguistics and Translation
University of Montreal
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