LINGUIST List 11.189

Sat Jan 29 2000

Jobs: Computational Linguistics, Multilingualism

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  1. Kristiina Jokinen, Computational Linguistics: Research Projects at CELE, Belgium
  2. Settekorn, Multilingualism:Reseacher at U of Hamburg

Message 1: Computational Linguistics: Research Projects at CELE, Belgium

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:32:37 +0100
From: Kristiina Jokinen <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics: Research Projects at CELE, Belgium

Job opportunities at CELE

CELE (Centre for Evolutionary Language Engineering) is a recently
established research unit in Flanders Language Valley, Belgium,
specialising on innovative speech and language research using new
techniques and advanced hardware. CELE encourages basic research with
multidisciplinary goals, crossing the areas of spoken language
processing and intelligent dialogue systems, artificial neural
networks, neuro-evolutionary computing, and evolvable hardware.

We now have immediate openings in our research projects dealing with
spoken dialogue processing, knowledge base management, and
evolutionary techniques. If you are self-motivated, willing to learn
new things and take up challenges, and also a flexible team player
with commitment and perseverance, you may want to join our ambitious
team. Successful candidates should have experience in natural language
processing, excellent programming skills, and strong knowledge in one
or more of the following areas:

* Conversational systems, interaction management
* Knowledge acquisition, cognitive models of language learning
* Information coordination in multi-modal environments
* Artificial neural networks, machine learning
* Genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming
* Computation in brain-like systems

For informal enquiries contact

Send your application with a full CV, a list of publications, and a
short description of your research interests, quoting that you apply
for the research position at CELE, to:

FLV HR Services
Attn. Patrick Thomas
Sint-Krispijnstraat 7
8900 Ieper
Tel : +32 57/229440 (ask for Hilde Terryn)
Fax : +32 57/229441
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Message 2: Multilingualism:Reseacher at U of Hamburg

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 10:04:52 +0100
From: Settekorn <>
Subject: Multilingualism:Reseacher at U of Hamburg

Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaften
Institut f�r Romanistik

Job opportunities as of April 1st, 2000

1 post-doctoral researcher (full position)
2 Post-graduate researchers (half position)

in a research project on "Multilingualism as cause and effect of language
change" (Principal investigator: J. M. Meisel). This project investigates
morphosyntactic change in French, Spanish and Portuguese, focusing on the
period between 1300 and 1500. It is one of 13 projects of the Collaborative
Research Center on Multilingualism, established at the University of Hamburg
in 1999 and funded by the Deutsche Forschungsge-meinschaft (German Research

Both types of positions begin April 1st and will extend until at least June
30, 2002, the end of the current funding period. They can be further
extended for a total of five years. The salary of the post-doctoral researcher
corresponds to that of a lecturer in German universities (BAT IIa). The
post-graduate researchers must hold an M.A. (or equivalent). He or she will
receive approximately half of the BAT IIa salary for a work load of appr.
19 hours per week and will be expected to complete a doctoral dissertation on a
topic related to the theme of the research project. The post-doctoral
candidate will be expected to co-direct this research group together with
J.M. Meisel.

Requirements sought are: good knowledge of syntactic theory (Principles and
Parameters Theory and possibly the Minimalist Program), experience with
research on diachronic language change, and good knowledge of Old French
and Old Spanish or Old Portuguese. Knowledge of German would be desirable.
Also desirable would be familiarity with computerized analysis of corpora.

Women and handicapped individuals are encouraged to apply.

Send application (CV, list of publications, names of two referees) by
February 29th, 2000 to Prof. J. M. Meisel, University of Hamburg, Institut
f�r Romanistik, von Melle-Park 6, D 20146 Hamburg; for further inquiries
contact J.M. Meisel at
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