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Fri Sep 8 2000

Qs: Phonological Change/Imitation, Berber Lang

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  1. Bill Palmer, Phonological change driven by imitation
  2. Naima Louali, recherche information <berbere>

Message 1: Phonological change driven by imitation

Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 12:05:00 EST
From: Bill Palmer <>
Subject: Phonological change driven by imitation


Does anyone know of any other instances of phonological (or for that matter 
lexical or grammatical) change resulting from an idiosyncratic feature of 
the idiolect of a prominent personality?	

	Several times over the years I have heard a couple of anecdotes about 
	phonological change driven by the imitation of a monarch with an unusual 
	pronunciation. One anecdote has the Spanish interdental fricative arising 
	from imitation of a Spanish monarch with a lisp. The other has the northern 
	European shift to a uvular rhotic arising from the imitation at court of a 
	French monarch who had this as an idiosyncratic feature of their idiolect, 
	subsequently spreading to Paris, then France, then neighbouring countries to 
	the east, explaining the areal and not genetic nature of this change.
	Is there any truth in either of these anecdotes? If so can anyone help me 
	with references?

	I'll post a summary if the responses warrant it.
	Bill Palmer

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Message 2: recherche information <berbere>

Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 14:03:59 +0100
From: Naima Louali <>
Subject: recherche information <berbere>

Bonjour a tous

Je suis charg�e de
faire converger l'information vers un Bulletin d'Information sur les
Recherches en Linguistique dans le domaine berb�re . Je suis donc � la
recherche de toutes les informations � ce sujet :

Soutenance de th�ses et m�moires

S�minaires et colloques

Publications r�centes (1999)

Annonces de colloques

Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre collaboration

NB. Ce message a ete diffuse une premiere fois (fin juillet)
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