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Wed Sep 13 2000

FYI: Corpus/Middle English, Penn Ling Colloquium

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  1. Tony Kroch, The Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English
  2. Alexander Williams, Penn Linguistics Colloquium 24 - Proceedings

Message 1: The Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 17:56:34 -0400
From: Tony Kroch <>
Subject: The Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English

The second edition of the Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of
Middle English (PPCME2) is now publicly available under the
conditions outlined below. It consists of 55 text samples
containing 1.3 million words of syntactically annotated
Middle English prose and ranging over four time periods,
from 1150 to 1500.

Like the first edition of the PPCME, the PPCME2 is based on
the Middle English portion of the Helsinki Corpus of English
Texts that was created at the University of Helsinki under
the direction of Matti Rissanen and Ossi Ihalainen. The
size of the text samples in the second edition has been
enlarged so that the total corpus size is nearly three times
larger. In addition, the corpus is now tagged for part of
speech and the syntactic annotation system is richer. For
the earliest time period, all texts except one are complete;
the exception is the Ancrene Riwle sample, which contains
approximately 50,000 words. For the later time periods, two
texts per time period were expanded to approximately 50,000
words. The remaining texts are represented by the Helsinki
Corpus sample.

The PPCME2 is being distributed on a CD-ROM that includes
several files for each text in the corpus:

 - a file with unannotated text
 - a file with philological and other information about
 the text (manuscript and edition used, date, dialect,
 genre, and word count of the sample)
 - a file in which individual words are tagged for part
 of speech
 - a file that is annotated for syntactic structure

Available with the corpus is CorpusSearch, a Java program
written by Beth Randall that runs under Unix, Linux, MacOS
and Windows. CorpusSearch uses standard syntactic
predicates like ``(immediately) precedes'', ``(immediately)
dominates'', and Boolean combinations thereof, and it allows
outputs of previous search as inputs to further searches.

To order the PPCME2, please go to:

and follow the instructions there.

The cost of a subscription to the corpus is $200 and the
cost of a license for CorpusSearch is $50. The items may be
purchased together or separately. Proceeds from the sale of
the corpus will pay for improving the corpus and for
increasing its size over time. Proceeds from the sale of
CorpusSearch will go to the author.

The PPCME2 was designed and built by Anthony Kroch and Ann
Taylor at the University of Pennsylvania. Supplementary
assistance was provided by Beatrice Santorini. The PPCME2
is part of of a larger project to produce a parsed
diachronic corpus of English from 800 to 1800. The Old
English part is under construction at York under the
direction of Anthony Warner, Susan Pintzuk, and Ann Taylor
and the Early Modern English part is under construction at
the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of Kroch
and Santorini.
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Message 2: Penn Linguistics Colloquium 24 - Proceedings

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 14:56:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alexander Williams <>
Subject: Penn Linguistics Colloquium 24 - Proceedings

	The University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 
		is pleased to announce the publication of


			 PWPL 7.1 (2000)
	Proceedings of the 24th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium
	 M.Minnick-Fox, A.Williams & E.Kaiser (eds.)


- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Ordering information follows the table of contents.]


Bakovic', Eric
"Nasal Place Assimilation in Spanish"

Bender, Emily
"Non-Categorical Constraints in Perception"

Bergen, Benjamin K.
"Implications of syntax-phonology interactions for phonological models"

Bleam, Tonia, Chung-hye Han and Jeffrey Lidz
"Grammatical Downsizing and the Redistribution of Semantic Wealth"

Chang Woohyeok
"Geminate vs. Non-Geminate Consonants in Italian: Evidence from a phonetic

Citko, Barbara
"Reconstruction and (Free) Relatives"

Grohmann, Kleanthes K.
"Movement issues in left-dislocation constructions"

Grommes, Patrick
"Contributing to Coherence: An Empirical Study on OR-Team Communication"

Han, Chunghye, Mee-sook Kim and Juntae Yoon
"Getting Rid of `Double Relative Clauses' in Korean"

Idsardi, William J & Sun-Hoi Kim
"The phonology-syntax interface in North Kyungsang Korean"

Kennedy, Becky
"Acquisition of Constraints on Forward Coreference"

Kulick, Seth
"A Unified Account of Clitic Climbing and Long Distance Scrambling"

Lee, Minkyung
"Focus and morpho-syntax in Korean accentual phrasing"

Massey, Victoria W.
"Perfect, Passive and Reflexive in Albanian"

Meroni, Luisa, Andrea Gualmini and Stephen Crain
"A conservative account of quantification in child language"

Pekarek Doehler, Simona
"Anaphora in Conversation: Grmmatical coding and preference organization."

Pylkkanen, Liina
"What Applicative Heads Apply to"

Rathert, Monica
"Universal/existential ambiguities in German"

San Martin, Itziar
"The Control basis for Obviation in Basque."

Sharvit, Yael
"Tense in copular constructions: Identifying three types of copular

Sichel, Ivy
"Demonstratives, the binding theory and identity"

Sugahara, Mariko
"The Japanese Major Phrase Formation and NONFINALITY"

Tokizaki Hisao
"Syntax-Phonology Mapping and the Length of Constituents"

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------


Issues are US$15.00 each. Shipping is free, even interationally. Checks and
money-orders should be made out to: "Penn Linguistics Club." Payment must
be received before an order can be processed.

Please send orders, with payment, to:

	619 Williams Hall
	Department of Linguistics
	University of Pennsylvania
	Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

Please direct queries to:
For general information about the PWPL, see:

Thank you,
Alexander Williams
Editor, PWPL


Alexander Williams
Department of Linguistics
619 Williams Hall
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

dept phone: (215) 898-6046
home phone: (215) 386-6961

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