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Sat Sep 16 2000

Confs: The Syntax of Tense and Aspect/ Paris

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  1. Jacqueline Lecarme, The Syntax of Tense and Aspect, Paris

Message 1: The Syntax of Tense and Aspect, Paris

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:47:36 +0100
From: Jacqueline Lecarme <>
Subject: The Syntax of Tense and Aspect, Paris

 `The Syntax of Tense and Aspect'
 Paris, 15-18 November 2000

The Round Table is organized by the Jeune Equipe "Syntaxe anglaise et
syntaxe comparative", Universit� Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, and the
Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle, CNRS-Universit� Paris VII. It will
be held on Wednesday through Friday, November 15th to 18th 2000, at the
Universit� Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle. The exact location of the
sessions will be communicated later.

Preliminary Program

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Wednesday, 15 November 2000
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10h00-12h00: Welcome and registration

14h00-14h15: Opening Remarks

14h15-15h00: James A. Higginbotham (Oxford University et USC) 
 On the Expression of Tense and Aspect: Comparative Syntax,
 Comparative Semantics

15h00-15h45: Michela Ippolito (MIT) 
 On the Syntax of Tense in Temporal Subordinate clauses
15h45-16h30: Nomi Erteschik-Shir & Tova Rapoport (University Ben Gurion 
 Le Negev)
 Bare Aspectual Projection

16h30-16h45: Pause

16h45-17h30: Alain Rouveret (Universit� Paris 8) 
 Dependent Tense Dependencies
17h30-18h15: Mario Barra (Universit� Paris 8)
 Sous-sp�cification et sur-sp�cification du temps comme 
 d�clencheurs de la subordination

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Thursday, 16 November 2000
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9h00-9h45: Richard K. Larson (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
 Temporal relations inside DP/NP - with particular attention 
 to the differences between relative clauses and attributive

9h45-10h30: Andr�e Borillo (ERSS, Universit� de Toulouse)
 Les adjectifs et l'expression du temps et de l'aspect

10h30-10h45: Pause

10h45-11h30: Susan Rothstein (Bar-Ilan University) 
 Incrementality and the Structure of Accomplishments
11h30-12h15: Denis Delfitto (University of Utrecht)
 Imperfective Aspect at the Interpretive Interface

12h15-14h00: Pause
14h00-14h45: Tim Stowell (UCLA) 
 Tense and Modals
14h45-15h30: Hamida Demirdache & Myriam Uribe Etxebarria 
 (Universit� de Nantes & University of the
 Basque Country and Basque Center for Language Research (LEHIA))
 Tenses, Aspects and Time Adverbs as Spatio-Temporal Predicates

15h30-16h15: Brenda Laca (Universit� Paris 8)
 Romance Verbal Periphrases and the distinction between 
 lexical and viewpoint aspect 

16h15-16h30: Pause

16h30-17h15: Karen Zagona (University of Washington) 
 SOT: Deriving ``Local Anchoring'' from Aspectual 

17h15-18h00: Beth Levin & Malka Rappaport-Hovav (Stanford University & 
 the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
 Another Perspective on the Aspectual Determinants of Argument

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Friday, 17 November 2000
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9h00-9h45: Angelika Kratzer (University of Massachusetts)
 Telicity and Objective Case 

9h45-10h30: Y.D'Hulst, L.Tasmowski & M.Coene (Universit� d'Anvers-UIA)
 Future in the Past: Italian and Western Romance Conditional

10h30-10h45: Pause

10h45-11h30: Dorit Abusch (IMS Stuttgart)
 The Temporal Composition of Infinitives

11h30-12h15: Philippe Schlenker (ENS/USC) 
 S�mantique du temps et uniformit�

12h15-14h00: Pause

14h00-14h45: M�rvet En� (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
 Rethinking Past Tense

14h45-15h30: Alexandra Cornilescu (University of Bucarest)
 Cas et aspect 

15h30-16h15: Sandro Zucchi (Universit�di Salerno) 
 The Present Mode

16h15-16h30: Pause

16h30-17h15: Carlota Smith (Texas University) 
 The Domain of Tense

17h15-18h00: Celia Jakubovicz & L�a Nash (CNRS, Paris & Universit� Paris 8)
 Sur l'acquisition des structures temporelles et aspectuelles 

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Saturday, 18 November 2000
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9h00-9h45: Alessandra Giorgi & Fabio Pianesi (Universit� di Bergamo & 
 ITC-IRST, Trento)
 (Title to be announced)

9h45-10h30: Jacqueline Lecarme (CNRS, Paris)
 Temps nominal: forme et interpr�tation 

10h30-10h45: Pause

10h45-11h30: Jacqueline Gu�ron (Universit� Paris 3)
 Temporal interpretation and the argument structure of auxiliaries 
11h30-12h15: Rose-Marie Dechaine & Victor Manfredi (University of
 British Columbia & Boston University)
 Interpreting Null Tense

12h15-13h00: David Pesetsky & Esther Torrego (MIT & University of
 T to C: Causes and Consequences
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