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Fri Sep 29 2000

Books: Syntax, Language Evolution

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  1. Joyce Reid, Syntax of Early English, Fischer, Koopman, van Kemenade & van der Wurff
  2. Joyce Reid, Evolutionary Emergence of Language, Knight, Studdert-Kennedy & Hurford

Message 1: Syntax of Early English, Fischer, Koopman, van Kemenade & van der Wurff

Date: 29 Sep 2000 09:56:10 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Syntax of Early English, Fischer, Koopman, van Kemenade & van der Wurff

The Syntax of Early English

Olga Fischer, University of Amsterdam
Willem Koopman, University of Amsterdam
Ans van Kemenade, University of Nijmegen
Wim van der Wurff, University of Leiden

This book is a guide to the development of English syntax between the
Old and Modern periods. Beginning with an overview of the main
features of early English syntax, it gives a unified account of the
significant grammatical changes that occurred during this period. Four
leading experts demonstrate how these changes can be explained in
terms of grammatical theory and the theory of language
acquisition. Drawing on a wealth of empirical data, the book covers a
wide range of topics including changes in word order, infinitival
constructions and grammaticalization processes.


1. Language change and grammar change; 
2. An outline of Old English syntax; 
3. An outline of Middle English syntax; 
4. The Verb Second constraint and its loss; 
5. The loss of object-verb word order; 
6. Verb-particles in Old and Middle English; 
7. Changes in infinitival constructions; 
8. The history of the 'easy to please' construction; 
9. Grammaticalization and grammar change.

Cambridge Syntax Guides

2001/354 pp./23 figures/3 graphs/16 tables
55410-1/Hb/List: $69.95^LDisc.: $55.96
55626-0/Pb/List: $24.95^LDisc.: $19.96

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Message 2: Evolutionary Emergence of Language, Knight, Studdert-Kennedy & Hurford

Date: 29 Sep 2000 10:22:46 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Evolutionary Emergence of Language, Knight, Studdert-Kennedy & Hurford

The Evolutionary Emergence of Language
Social Function and the Origins of Linguistic Form

Chris Knight, University of East London
Michael Studdert-Kennedy^, Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, CT
James R. Hurford, University of Edinburgh

The Evolutionary Emergence of Language covers the origins and early
evolution of language. Its main purpose is to synthesize current
thinking on this topic, particularly from a standpoint in theoretical
linguistics. It is suitable for students of human evolution,
evolutionary psychology, linguistic anthropology and general
linguistics. It is the outcome of a major international conference on
the evolution of language and includes contributions from many of the
best known figures in this field. Very few truly interdisciplinary
volumes on this topic have previously been published.


Chris Knight, Robbins Burling, Jason Noble, Jean-Louis Dessalles,
Camilla Power, Michael Studdert-Kennedy, Marilyn M. Vihman, Rory
A. DePaolis, Peter J. MacNeilage, Barbara L. Davis, Bart de Boer,
Daniel Livingstone, Colin Fyfe, James R. Hurford, David Lightfoot,
Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy, Derek Bickerton, Alison Wray, Simon Kirby,
Robert P. Worden, Frederick J. Newmeyer, Mark Pagel


1. Introduction: The evolution of cooperative communication Chris Knight; 
2. Comprehension, production and conventionalization in the origins of 
 language Robbins Burling;
3. Co-operation, competition and the evolution of pre-linguistic communication
 Jason Noble; 
4. Language and hominid politics Jean-Louis Dessalles; 
5. Secret language use at female initiation: Bounding gossiping communities 
 Camilla Power; 
6. Play as precursor of phonology and syntax Chris Knight; 

7. Introduction: The emergence of phonetic structure Michael Studdert-Kennedy;
8. The role of mimesis in infant language development: Evidence for phylogeny?
 Marilyn M. Vihman and Rory A. DePaolis; 
9. Evolution of speech: The relation between ontogeny and phylogeny 
 Peter J. MacNeilage and Barbara L. Davis; 
10.Evolutionary implications of the particulate principle: Imitation and 
 the dissociation of phonetic form from semantic function 
 Michael Studdert-Kennedy; 
11.Emergence of sound systems through self-organisation Bart de Boer; 
12.Modelling language-physiology coevolution Daniel Livingstone and 
 Colin Fyfe; 

13.The emergence of syntax James R. Hurford; 
14.The spandrels of the linguistic genotype David Lightfoot; 
15.The distinction between sentences and noun phrases: An impediment to 
 language evolution? Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy;
16.How protolanguage became language Derek Bickerton; 
17.Holistic utterances in protolanguage: The link from primates to humans 
 Alison Wray; 
18.Syntax without natural selection: How compositionality emerges from 
 vocabulary in a population of learners Simon Kirby; 
19.Social transmission favours linguistic generalization James R. Hurford; 
20.Words, memes and language evolution Robert P. Worden; 
21.On the reconstruction of "Proto-world" word order 
 Frederick J. Newmeyer; 


22. The history, rate and pattern of world linguistic evolution Mark Pagel

2000/392 pp./68 line diagrams/22 tables
78157-4/Hb/List: $74.95 Disc.: $59.96
78696-7/Pb/List: $27.95 Disc.: $22.36

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