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Books: Bilingualism, NLP

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  1. Joyce Reid, Bilingualism: Bilingual Speech, P. Muysken
  2. Joyce Reid, NLP: A Computational Theory of Writing Systems, R. Sproat

Message 1: Bilingualism: Bilingual Speech, P. Muysken

Date: 29 Sep 2000 10:17:13 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Bilingualism: Bilingual Speech, P. Muysken

Bilingual Speech
A Typology of Code-Mixing

Pieter Muysken, Leiden University, The Netherlands

This book provides an in-depth analysis of the different ways in which
bilingual speakers switch from one language to another in the course
of conversation. Pieter Muysken identifies three distinct patterns of
mixing and explores how different mixing strategies depend on the
contrasting grammatical properties of the languages involved, the
degree of bilingual competence of the speaker and various social
factors. The book synthesizes a vast array of recent research in a
rapidly growing field of study that has much to reveal about the
structure and function of language.


1. The study of code-mixing; 
2. Differences and similarities between languages; 
3. Insertion; 
4. Alternation; 
5. Congruent lexicalization; 
6. Function words; 
7. Bilingual verbs; 
8. Variation in mixing patterns; 
9. Bilingual speech and language contact.

2000/322 pp./4 figures/34 tables
77168-4/Hb/List: $59.95 Disc.: $47.96

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Message 2: NLP: A Computational Theory of Writing Systems, R. Sproat

Date: 29 Sep 2000 11:00:34 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: NLP: A Computational Theory of Writing Systems, R. Sproat

A Computational Theory of Writing Systems

Richard Sproat, AT&T, Florham Park, NJ

This innovative book develops a formal computational theory of writing
systems and relates it to psycholinguistic results. Drawing on case
studies of writing systems around the world, it offers specific
proposals about the linguistic objects that are represented by
orthographic elements and the formal constraints that hold of the
mapping relation between them. Based on the insights gained, it posits
a new taxonomy of writing systems. The book will be of interest to
students and researchers in theoretical and computational linguistics,
the psycholinguistics of reading and writing, and speech technology.


1. Reading Devices; 
1.1. Text-to-Speech Conversion: a Brief Introduction; 
1.2. The Task of Pronouncing Aloud: a Model; 
1.3. Terminology and Conventions; 
1.A. Overview of FSA's and FST's; 

2. Regularity; 
2.1. Planar Regular Languages; 
2.2 The Locality Hypothesis; 
2.3. Planar Arrangements: Examples; 
2.4. Cross-Writing-System Variation in the SLU; 
2.5. Macroscopic Catenation: Text Direction; 
2.A. Chinese Characters; 

3. ORL Depth and Consistency; 
3.1. Russian and Belarusian Orthography; 
3.2. English; 
3.3. Serbo-Croatian Devoicing; 
3.4. Cyclicity in Orthography; 
3.5. Surface Orthographic Constrainst; 
3.A. English Deep and Shallow ORL's; 

4. Linguistic Elements; 
4.1. Taxonomies; 
4.2. Chinese Writing; 
4.3. Japanese Writing; 
4.4. Some Further Examples; 

5. Psycholinguistic Evidence; 
5.1. Orthographic Depth; 
5.2. "Shallow" Processing in "Deep" Orthographies; 
5.3. Connectionist Approaches; 
5.4. Summary; 

6. Further Issues; 
6.1. Adaption of Writing Systems; 
6.2. Orthographic Reforms; 
6.3. Numerical Notation; 
6.4. Abbreviatory Devices; 
6.5. Non-Bloomfieldian Views on Writing; 
6.6. Postscript

Studies in Natural Language Processing

2000/254 pp./26 line diagrams/11 tables
66340-7/Hb/List: $59.95 Disc.: $47.96

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