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Tue Oct 3 2000

Books: African Languages, Anthropological Linguistics

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  1. Joyce Reid, African Languages, B.Heine & D.Nurse (Ed.)
  2. Joyce Reid, Anthropological Ling: Systems of Nominal Classification, G.Senft (Ed.)

Message 1: African Languages, B.Heine & D.Nurse (Ed.)

Date: 02 Oct 2000 10:37:31 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: African Languages, B.Heine & D.Nurse (Ed.)

African Languages
An Introduction

Bernd Heine, Universitat zu Koln
Derek Nurse, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's

This book is the first general introduction to African languages and
linguistics to be published in English. It covers the four major
language groupings (Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan, Afroasiatic and
Khoisan), the core areas of modern theoretical linguistics (phonology,
morphology, syntax), typology, sociolinguistics, comparative
linguistics, and language, history and society. Basic concepts and
terminology are explained for undergraduates and nonspecialist
readers, but each chapter also provides an overview of the state of
the art in its field, and as such will be referred to by more advanced
students and general linguists.


Bernd Heine, Derek Nurse, Kay Williamson, Roger Blench, Lionel M. Bender,
Richard Hayward, Tom Guldemann, Rainer Vossen, Nick Clements, Gerrit J.
Dimmendaal, John Watters, Denis Creissels, Paul Newman, Christopher Ehret,
Ekkehard Wolff


1. Introduction Bernd Heine and Derek Nurse; 
2. Niger-Congo Kay Williamson and Roger Blench; 
3. Nilo-Saharan Lionel M. Bender; 
4. Afroasiatic Richard Hayward; 
5. Khoisan Tom Guldemann and Rainer Vossen; 
6. Phonology Nick Clements; 
7. Morphology Gerrit J. Dimmendaal; 
8. Syntax John Watters; 
9. Typology Denis Creissels; 
10. Comparative linguistics Paul Newman; 
11. Language and history Christopher Ehret; 
12. Language and society Ekkehard Wolff. 

2000/406 pp./20 figures/9 maps/28 tables
66178-1/Hb/List: $64.95 66629-5/Pb/List: $24.95
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Message 2: Anthropological Ling: Systems of Nominal Classification, G.Senft (Ed.)

Date: 02 Oct 2000 10:41:28 +0800
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Anthropological Ling: Systems of Nominal Classification, G.Senft (Ed.)

Systems of Nominal Classification

Gunter Senft, Max-Planck-Institut fur Psycholinguistik, The Netherlands

This volume addresses the fundamental linguistic question of how the
perceived world is expressed through systems of nominal
classification. Leading scholars review the whole spectrum of nominal
classification, from gender systems through to numeral classifiers,
providing cutting-edge theoretical interpretations and empirical case
studies across a variety of languages. The volume presents new ideas
about the problems of classification and clarifies the interface
between anthropological and grammatical work. It will appeal to
linguists, anthropologists and psychologists alike as well as
specialists in languages as diverse as Australian, Amazonian, and Mayan.


Gunter Senft, Colette Grinevald, Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Roberto
Zavala Maldonado, David P. Wilkins, Kyoko Inoue, Jurgen Broschart,
Katherine Demuth, Greville G. Corbett, Norman M. Fraser, John Lucy


Preface Gunter Senft; 
1. What do we really know about nominal classification systems? Gunter Senft;
2. A morphosyntactic typology of classifiers Colette Grinevald; 
3. Unusual classifiers in Tariana Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald; 
4. Multiple classifier systems in Akatek (Mayan) Roberto Zavala Maldonado; 
5. Ant, ancestors and medicine: a semantic and pragmatic account of 
 classifier constructions in Arrernte (Central Australia) David P. Wilkins;
6. Visualizing ability and nominal classifications: an evidence of cultural 
 operation in the agreement rules of Japanese numeral classifiers 
 Kyoko Inoue;
7. Isolation of units and unification of isolates: the gestalt-functions of 
 classifiers J�rgen Broschart; 
8. Bantu noun class system. Loanword and acquisition evidence of semantic 
 productivity Katherine Demuth; 
9. Gender assignment: a typology and a model Greville G. Corbett and 
 Norman M. Fraser; 
10. Systems of nominal classification - a concluding discussion John Lucy.

Language, Culture and Cognition 4

2000/360 pp./14 figures/21 tables
77075-0/Hb/List: $64.95
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