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Wed Oct 4 2000

FYI: Interactive Phonetics CD, Translation Day

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  1. Nick Reid, Interactive Phonetics CD - update
  2. Linguaden, International Translation Day

Message 1: Interactive Phonetics CD - update

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 14:27:23 +1000
From: Nick Reid <>
Subject: Interactive Phonetics CD - update

A few weeks ago I posted information about the release by the University of
New England (Australia) of the CD 'An Interactive Introduction to
Phonetics'. In giving prices for the CD I neglected to factor in
Australia's recently acquired Goods and Services Tax. The information below
is a reposting, but with the amended prices.


Many LL subscribers expressed interest in the original 2-disc multimedia
program we developed for introductory Linguistics students at the
University of New England (Australia) way back in 1995. This new CD ROM
version 'An Interactive Introduction to Phonetics' has been significantly
expanded from the disc-based program incorporating new topics and glossary

With this program you can explore ideas in these modules:

* Vocal tract: click on parts of the vocal tract to learn about their role
in articulation.

* Speech sounds: click on buttons to associate vowel and consonant sounds
with their IPA symbol.

* Airstream mechanisms: learn about different ways that air can be made to
move in order to produce speech sounds.

* Phonation modes: see the vocal folds in action, and discover how
different settings produce different voice qualities.

* Acoustic analysis: discover ways to analyse speech acoustically.

* Self Testing Exercises: The program also includes exercises so you can
assess your learning.

Available on dual-platform CD-ROM, offering equal access to both Windows
and Macintosh users. Please note that this program has been developed for
the latest hardware standards - it will NOT run on an old computer! The
minimum system requirements are given below - check with your dealer if you
need advice.

For Macintosh:		For Windows:
System 7.5.1 or later	Windows 95/98/NT4
68040 or faster processor	Pentium processor or equivalent
2 x Speed CD-ROM drive	2 x Speed CD-ROM drive
12 meg physical RAM (free)	12 meg physical RAM (free)
800x 600 8 bit colour display	800x 600 8 bit colour display

Uses computer animations to demonstrate a variety of processes, such as
egresive airflow, the 'mucosal wave' action of the vocal folds, the
production of clicks, and speech using esophageal air.

Includes endoscopic film of the vocal folds. You can play movies to see how
finetuning the vocal folds creates different voice qualities.

Student: 		Aus$54.77
Institution: 	Aus$98.63

More info?
I'll shortly have a web site up and running where you can get more info and
possibly run a demo. Meantime if you 'd like further information, please
contact Nicholas Reid on
How to order:
Please send me: Phonetics: an Interactive Introduction

Student: 		Aus$54.77
Institution: 	Aus$98.63

(Prices include GST, and postage & handling)


Postcode:		Date:
Note, if despatch is to a Post Office Box, please
include home address (for credit card purposes).




Please charge: Credit Card (please tick):
 Bankcard Mastercard Visa Diners AMEX
or Cheque/Money order enclosed for $AUD
Deposit Ref. No. (if available): __________________

Credit Card No.

Card expiry:______________ Signature:___________________

Send your order to:
University Coop Bookshop
University of New England - Madgwick Hall
PO Box U7
NSW 2351

Ph: +61 [0]2 6772 2632 Fax: +61 [0]2 6771 2040

You may also place your order via the World Wide Web at;

Dr Nicholas Reid
School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics
University of New England
Armidale 2351, AUSTRALIA

ph: +61 [0]2 6773 3400
fax: +61 [0]2 6773 3735
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Message 2: International Translation Day

Date: 3 Oct 2000 13:56:41 -0000
From: Linguaden <>
Subject: International Translation Day

International Translation Day
To celebrate the International Translation Day, in its own way,
Linguaden is pleased to inform you that a special email ID 
<> has been created for the linguistic 
community, to facilitate free and easy subscription to Linguanews
( - a weekly electronic newsletter on global languages and resources)
for the period October - December 2000. 

To subscribe Linguanews, send a blank email to < >
and mention <subscribe> in the subject line.

The above subscription procedure and email ID will be valid
until October 07, 2000 as a part of ITD celebrations.

Thereafter, usual subscription procedure and email ID would be
applicable. For more information, have a look at:

For any queries,

Thanks in advance for disseminating the above information
among your friends and colleagues.


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