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Wed Feb 2 2000

Calls: Logic/Language, Modal/Temporal Logic

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  1. Carlos Areces, Logic/Lang: Second International Workshop on Hybrid Logic/ HyLo 2000
  2. Advances in Modal Logic, Logic: Advances in Modal/Temporal Logic: AiML-ICTL 2000

Message 1: Logic/Lang: Second International Workshop on Hybrid Logic/ HyLo 2000

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 22:39:57 +0100
From: Carlos Areces <>
Subject: Logic/Lang: Second International Workshop on Hybrid Logic/ HyLo 2000

 Twelfth European Summer School 
 in Logic, Language and Information
	 August 6-18, 2000 
		 Birmingham, Great Britain

 (Bringing Them All Together)



Modal logic suffers from a certain asymmetry: even though the basic
semantic notion in modal languages is truth at a state, classical
modal logics lack the expressive power to talk about the states
themselves. Whether we think of states as intervals, geometric points,
nodes in a feature structure, or individuals in a description, this is
a genuine weakness.

Hybrid Logics are modal languages which use "terms as formulas".
Although they date back to the late 1960s, the last three years have
seen a resurgence of interest, with new results in expressivity,
interpolation, complexity, and proof techniques. It has also become
clear that hybrid logics offer a theoretical framework for uniting the
work of a surprisingly diverse range of research traditions.

This workshop is likely to be relevant to a wide range of people,
including those interested in description logic, feature logic, modal
logics for information systems, temporal logic, and labelled deduction
for modal logic. Moreover, if you have an interest in the work of the
late Arthur Prior, note that this workshop is devoted to exploring
ideas he first introduced 30 years ago --- it will be an ideal
opportunity to see how his ideas have been developed in the
intervening period.

In this workshop we hope to bring together researchers and students
from all the different fields just mentioned (and hopefully some
others) in an attempt to explore just what they all have (and do not
have) in common. If you're unsure whether your work is of relevant to
the workshop, please check out the newly opened Hybrid Logic Site:

And do not hesitate to contact the workshop organisers for more
information. We'd be delighted to tell you more. Contact details are
give below.


We invite the contribution of research papers to the workshop. Please
send electronically an extended abstract of up to 10 A4 size pages, in
PostScript format to: BEFORE 1st of JUNE, 2000.

Please note that all workshop contributors are required by the ESSLLI
organizers to register for the Summer School.


Papers accepted for the workshop will be made available from the
Hybrid Logic Site. Following the workshop, participants will be
invited to submit their contributions for publication either in
a conference volume or a special issue of a journal. Further details
will be announced in due course.

 * Submissions: June 1, 2000
 * Notification: June 30, 2000
 * Provisional workshop programme: July 15, 2000
 * Website-ready copy of all workshop contributions: July 31, 2000


Please visit for further

Send all correspondence regarding the workshop to the organizers:

 Carlos Areces

 Patrick Blackburn


Carlos Eduardo Areces
Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC)

University of Amsterdam. 
Plantage Muidergracht 24, 1018 TV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone : +31 20 525-6925

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Message 2: Logic: Advances in Modal/Temporal Logic: AiML-ICTL 2000

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 23:34:00 +0100
From: Advances in Modal Logic <>
Subject: Logic: Advances in Modal/Temporal Logic: AiML-ICTL 2000


AiML-ICTL 2000
Advances in Modal Logic - International Conference on Temporal Logic 2000
October 4-7, 2000, University of Leipzig, Germany

Deadline: May 15, 2000

AiML-ICTL 2000
In the year 2000, the Advances in Modal Logic workshop and the 
International Conference on Temporal Logic will be run as a combined event, 
bringing together the strongly related modal logic and computer science oriented 
temporal logic communities to present and share the latest exciting 
results in all relevant areas.

Topics of interest include: common-sense temporal reasoning, 
complexity of modal and temporal logics, deontic logic, description logics, 
dynamic logic, epistemic logic, modal logics of agency and space, modal logic 
and game theory, modal logic and grammar formalisms, modal realism and 
anti-realism, modal and temporal logic programming and theorem proving, model 
theory and proof theory of modal and temporal logic, representation of time in 
natural language semantics, non-monotonic modal logics, provability logic, 
temporal databases. Papers on related subjects will also be considered.

During the workshop there will be a special session on description logics 
and applications of modal logic in Knowledge Representation.

Invited speakers include:
 Nuel Belnap (Pittsburgh) Mark Reynolds (Perth)
 Stephane Demri (Grenoble) Krister Segerberg (Uppsala)
 Silvio Ghilardi (Milan) Colin Stirling (Edinburgh)
 Giuseppe de Giacomo (Rome) Moshe Vardi (Houston)

Authors are invited to submit a detailed abstract of a full paper of at
most 10 pages (a4paper, 11pt) by e-mail to the programme chair, using
`AiML-ICTL Submission' as the subject line. The cover page should include
title, names of authors, the coordinates of the corresponding author, and
some keywords describing the topic of the paper. Following this it should
be indicated whether this is a submission to AiML or ICTL. To be
considered, submissions must be received no later than May 15, 2000. 

Note that at least one author of each accepted paper is required to attend
the workshop to present the paper.

Preliminary versions of the full papers should be made available at the 
workshop; two separate proceedings volumes (AiML and ICTL) will be 
submitted to CSLI Publications. Notification date for the conference is July 
15, 2000;
for the volumes it is December 1, 2000. Full versions of accepted 
ICTL papers can be offered fast track journal publication in one of D.M. 
Gabbay's Oxford Journals.

There will be a small number of grants available for participants from
Eastern Europe.

 Franz Baader, Aachen Greg Restall, Sydney
 Howard Barringer, Manchester Maarten de Rijke, Amsterdam
 Marcelo Finger, Sao Paulo Heinrich Wansing, Dresden (chair)
 Nissim Francez, Haifa Frank Wolter, Leipzig
 Dov Gabbay, London Michael Zakharyaschev, Leeds

 Heinrich Wansing
 Dresden University of Technology
 Institute of Philosophy
 01062 Dresden, Germany
 E-mail: <>
 Phone: +49 351 463 5489
 Fax: +49 351 463 6068

 Frank Wolter, Leipzig Holger Sturm, Leipzig

 Submission deadline: May 15, 2000
 Notification: July 15, 2000
 Workshop: October 4-7, 2000
 Preliminary version for workshop volume due: at the workshop
 Notification of acceptance for publication: December 1, 2000

E-mail enquiries about AiML-ICTL 2000 should be directed to
<>. Information about AiML can be 
on the World-Wide Web at , and about 
AiML-ICTL 2000 at .

Advances in Modal Logic -
International Conference on Temporal Logic 2000
October 4-7, Leipzig, Germany
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