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Thu Feb 3 2000

Qs: Article/T.R. Sarbin, pl. vs. sg. 'none'

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  1. Matthias.Hutz, Article/T.R. Sarbin
  2. Bill Byrne, pl. vs. sg. 'none'

Message 1: Article/T.R. Sarbin

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 14:55:53 +0000
From: Matthias.Hutz <>
Subject: Article/T.R. Sarbin

A colleague of mine is trying to find out the page numbers for 
the following article:
Sarbin, T.R. (1954). Role Theory. In: G. Lindzey (ed.). Handbook of 
Social Psychology. Cambridge: Addison-Wesley.
Please e-mail me if you can help her with this detail. Thank you.
Dr. Matthias Hutz
Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen
Institut fuer Anglistik und Amerikanistik
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10 B
D-35394 Giessen
Tel.: 0641/99-30067
Fax: 0641/99-30069
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Message 2: pl. vs. sg. 'none'

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 12:28:55 -0800
From: Bill Byrne <>
Subject: pl. vs. sg. 'none'

Dear Listers,

Can someone remind me about (or provide new research on) the usage patterns of
"none" with respect to subject-verb agreement?

I'm specifically interested in functional analyses which attempt to explain
descrepancies such as "None (of them) has" vs. "None (of them) have."

Are there corpora studies to support any findings?

Thanks so much for your help,

-Bill Byrne
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