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TOC: Italian Journal of Linguistics

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  1. Susanna Campigli, Italian Journal of Linguistics,Vol 11 No.2 (1999) & Vol 12 No.1 (2000)

Message 1: Italian Journal of Linguistics,Vol 11 No.2 (1999) & Vol 12 No.1 (2000)

Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 09:22:57 +0200
From: Susanna Campigli <>
Subject: Italian Journal of Linguistics,Vol 11 No.2 (1999) & Vol 12 No.1 (2000)

We are pleased to announce the content of the two most recent issues of:

 "Italian Journal of Linguistics / Rivista di Linguistica"

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VOLUME 11, Number 2 (1999)

Laura Bafile
Antipenaltimate stress in Italian and some related dialects: 
Metrical and prosodic aspects

Georgi Jetchev
Schwa or "ghost" vowels in French: A Harmonic Phonology account

Jerzy Rubach
The syllable in phonological analysis

Alberto Nocentini
Topical constraints in the verbal agreement of spoken Italian (Tuscan variety)

Mario Squartini
Voice clashing with aspect: the case of Italian	passives

Carol Myers-Scotton
Discussione: Bakker & Mous, eds. (1994); Singh (1995); Treffers-Daller (1994)

VOLUME 12, Number 1 (2000)

Thematic issue on	"Adverbs and adverbial modification"
guest-edited by:	Norbert Corver & Denis Delfitto

Norbert Corver & Denis Delfitto
Introduction: on adverbs and adverbial modification

Denis Delfitto
Adverbs and the Syntax/Semantics Interface

Artemis Alexiadou
On the Syntax of Temporal Adverbs and the Nature of Spec,TP

Valentina Bianchi
On Time Adverbials

Helen de Hoop and Henriette de Swart
Temporal adjunct clauses in Optimality Theory

Edwin Williams
Adjunct Modification

Norbert Corver
Degree adverbs as displaced predicates*
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