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Wed Oct 18 2000

Books: Afroasiatic Grammar

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  1. Paul Peranteau, Research in Afroasiatic Grammar, J.Lecarme, J.Lowenstamm & U.Shlonsky

Message 1: Research in Afroasiatic Grammar, J.Lecarme, J.Lowenstamm & U.Shlonsky

Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 15:13:42 -0400
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Research in Afroasiatic Grammar, J.Lecarme, J.Lowenstamm & U.Shlonsky

John Benjamins Publishing announces the availability of this new work:

Research in Afroasiatic Grammar.
Papers from the Third conference on Afroasiatic Languages, Sophia Antipolis, 
Jacqueline LECARME, Jean LOWENSTAMM and Ur SHLONSKY (eds.)
(Laboratoire de linguistique formelle, CNRS, University Paris 7/ University 
 of Geneva)
Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 202
US & Canada:1 55619 980 5 / USD 95.00 (Hardcover)
Rest of world: 90 272 3709 3 / NLG 190.00 (Hardcover)


A. Akkal & A. Gonegai: On the status of AgrS in some Null Subject Languages; 

Elabbas Benmamoun: Agreement Asymmetries and the PF Interface; 

Edit Doron: Word Order in Hebrew; 

Miriam Engelhardt: Bare NPs;

Abdelkader Fassi Fehri: Distributing Features and Affixes in Arabic
 Subject Verb Agreement Paradigms; 

Ali Idrissi: On Berber Plurals; 

Morris Halle: Distributed Morphology: Impoverishment and Fission; 

Alain Kihm: Wolof Genitive Constructions and the Construct State; 

Jean Lowenstamm: The No straddling Effect and its Interpretation: 
 A Formal Property of Chaha 2nd Feminine Singular Formation; 

John S. Lumsden: Cause, Manner and Means in Berber Change of State Verbs; 

Jamal Ouhalla: Possession in Sentences and Noun phrases; 

Chris Reintges: The Licensing of Gaps and Resumptive Pronouns in 
 Older Egyptian Relatives; 

Philippe S�g�ral: Th�orie de l'apophonie et organisation des sch�mes 
 en s�mitique; 

Tal Siloni: Nonnominal Constructs; 

Ur Shlonsky: Remarks on the Complementizer Layer of Standard Arabic; 

G�bor Tak�cs: Recent Problems of Egyptian Historical Phonology at 
 the Present Stage of Comparative-Historical Afroasiatic 

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