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  1. Paul Peranteau, Conversational Narrative, Pragmatic Markers & Propositional Attitude

Message 1: Conversational Narrative, Pragmatic Markers & Propositional Attitude

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 14:48:11 -0400
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Conversational Narrative, Pragmatic Markers & Propositional Attitude

John Benjamins Publishing is pleased to present:

Conversational Narrative.
Storytelling in everyday talk.
Neal R.NORRICK (Saarland University)
Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 203
1 55619 981 3 / USD 79.00 (Hardcover)
90 272 3710 7 / NLG 158.00 (Hardcover)

This book investigates the forms and functions of storytelling in
everyday conversation. It develops a rhetoric of everyday storytelling
through an integrated approach to both the internal structure and the
contextual integration of narrative passages. It aims at a more
complete picture of oral narrative through analysis of a wider range
of natural data, including personal anecdotes told for humor, put-down
stories told for self-aggrandizement, family stories retold to ratify
membership and so on, as well as marginal stories and narrative-like
passages to delineate the boundaries of conversational storytelling
and to test the analytical techniques proposed.

Using transcriptions of stories from everyday talk, Norrick explores
disfluencies, formulaicity and repetition as teller strategies and
listener cues alongside global phenomena such as retelling and narrative
macrostructures. He also extends his analysis to narrative jokes from
conversation and to narrative passages in drama, namely Shakespeare's
"Romeo & Juliet" and Beckett's "Endgame".

Pragmatic Markers and Propositional Attitude.
Gisle ANDERSEN and Thorstein FRETHEIM (eds.)
University of Bergen / University of Trondheim
Pragmatics & Beyond NS 79
US & Canada: 1 55619 797 7 / USD 69.00 (Hardcover)
Rest of world: 90 272 5098 7 / NLG 138.00 (Hardcover)

In interactive discourse we not only express propositions, but we also
express different attitudes to them. That is, we communicate how our
mind entertains those propositions that we express. A speaker is able
to express an attitude of belief, desire hope, doubt, fear, regret or
pretence that a given proposition represents a true state of
affairs. This collection of papers explores the contribution of
particles and other uninflected mood-indicating function words to the
expression of propositional attitude in the broad sense. Some
languages employ this type of attitude-marking device extensively,
even for the expression of basic moods and basic speech act
categories, other languages use such markers sparsely and always in
interaction with syntactic form. Both types of language are examined
in this volume, which includes studies of attitudinal markers in
Amharic, English, Gascon, Occitan, German, Greek, Hausa, Hungarian,
Japanese, Norwegian and Swahili. The theoretical emphasis is on issues
such as interpretive vs. descriptive use of utterances or utterance
parts, procedural semantics, linguistic underdetermination of the
proposition expressed and the speaker's communicated attitude to it,
higher-level explicatures in the relevance-theoretic sense, the
explicit - implicit distinction, as well as processes of
grammaticalization and negotiation of propositional attitude in spoken

Contributions by: Gisle Andersen & Thorstein Fretheim; Regina Blass; 
 Seiko Fujii; Elly Ifantidou; Tomoko Matsui; Steve Nicolle; 
 Claus D. Pusch; Sara W. Smith & Andreas H. Jucker; 
 Satoko Suzuki; Ildik� Vask�.

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