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  1. palek, Proceedings of LP'98:Item Order in Language & Speech, Fujimura et al.

Message 1: Proceedings of LP'98:Item Order in Language & Speech, Fujimura et al.

Date: Oct 16 2000 15:38:15 -0000
From: palek <>
Subject: Proceedings of LP'98:Item Order in Language & Speech, Fujimura et al.

Now available, from the 4th Linguistics and Phonetics Conference (LP '98), 
held September 1998, in Columbus, Ohio
Proceedings of LP'98: Item Order in Language and Speech
Published by Charles University Press (Prague), 1999
Edited by Osamu Fujimura (OSU), Brian Joseph (OSU), and Bohumil Palek 
(Charles University), with the assistance of Section Editors: David 
Odden (OSU), Keith Johnson (OSU), Yasuhiro Katagiri (ATR), and 
Kiyoshi Honda (ATR)
Under the sponsorship of The Ohio State University (Center for Cognitive
Science, Department of Speech & Hearing Science, Department of
Linguistics); Charles University, Prague; Advanced Telecommunications
Research Laboratories, Japan; and the National Science Foundation
(SBR-9809046, PIs: D. Odden and O. Fujimura)
Copyrighted by Charles University Press 1999, printed January 2000
In TWO Volumes: Volume I, pp. 1 - 330 (+16), Volume II, pp. 331 - 783 (+15).
Distributed in North America by the OSU Linguistics Department; 
TO PLACE ORDERS, contact: 
		Linguistics Department, The Ohio State University
		222 Oxley Hall, 1712 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43210-1298
		Fax 614 292 8833, Telephone: 614 292 4052 
Distributed in Japan by 
	 ATR Media Integration and Communication Research Labs.
	 Planning Section
	 2-2-2 Hikaridai Seika Soraku, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan
	 Telephone: +81-774-95-1401, Fax: +81-774-95-1408
Price: $15 for each volume, or $25 for the two volumes, postage by surface 
 mail included for domestic delivery.
For distribution in Europe, please inquire at Charles University Press or 
contact Dr. B. Palek at, and 
(contents of past LP Proceedings; Proceedings of LP2000 will be published 
in May 2001). 
CONTENTS of Proceedings Volumes:
Section I ( Brian D. Joseph, ed.) 
Workshop : The Rest is Silence: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives on 
 Utterance-Final Phenomena
Brian D. Joseph: Utterance-finality - Framing the issues
Hans Henrich Hock: Finality, prosody, and change
Karin Michelson: Utterance-final phenomena in Oneida
Anthony C. Woodbury: Utterance-final phonology and the prosodic hierarchy:
 A case from Cup'ig (Nunivak Central Alaskan Yupik Eskimo)
Svetlana Godjevac: Declarative utterance-final position in Serbo-Croatian
Yasuhiro Katagiri: Dialogue functions of Japanese sentence-final particles
Christine Bartels & Arthur Merin: Towards a formal semantics of English
 phrasal intonation
Jan Firbas: On the conditions of the occurrence of the intonation 
 centre on the final sentence constituent
Brian D. Joseph: Utterance-finality: What have we learned?
Section II (David Odden, ed.) 
NSF Workshop: Syllable Structure and Gesture Timing
David Odden: Overview of Workshop on Syllable and Segment Timing
Frida Morelli: Are s+STOP clusters really special?
Yen-Hwei Lin: On minor syllables
Ioana Chitoran: Some evidence for feature specification constraints on
 Georgian consonant sequencing
Donca Steriade: Alternatives to the syllable interpretation of segmental 
Alexei Kochetov: A cue-based analysis of the distribution of palatalized 
		 stops in Russian
Nick Clements: Affricates as noncontoured stops
Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen: C-V coarticulation and complex consonants: 
 New evidence for the ordering of place gestures in 
 click consonants
Section III (Yasuhiro Katagiri, ed.) 
ATR Workshop: Interconstituent Interaction
Yumiko Kinjo & Junko Sasaguri: On the modal usage of formal noun 'koto'
Hiroaki Kato, Minoru Tsuzaki, and Yoshinori Sagisaka: 
 A psychoacoustical study on temporal compensation 
 between consonant and vowel segments
Eva Hajicova: Item ordering in the sentences
Olle Kjellin (Vaxjo University, Sweden): 
 Accent addition: Prosody and perception facilitates 
 second language learning
Section IV (Kiyoshi Honda, ed.) 
ATR Workshop: Speech Production
B. Lindblom, J. H. Davis, S. A. Brownlee, S.-J. Moon, & Z. Simpson: 
 Energetics in phonetics: A preliminary look
David J. Ostry, Douglas M. Shiller, & Paul L. Gribble: 
 The equilibrium point hypothesis and speech motor control
Paul H. Milenkovic: Reconstructing the vocal tract area function of vowels
		 and liquids from microbeam data with an articulatory model
Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, Takaaki Kuratate, Kevin G. Munhall, & Hani C. Yehia:
 The production and perception of a realistic talking face
Osamu Fujimura & J. C. Williams: Syllable concatenators in Japanese, Spanish, 
 and English
Section V (Keith Johnson, ed.) 
ATR Workshop: Phonetic Control
Shinji Maeda & Soumya Boubana : Multi-pulse LPC analysis and synthesis of
		 articulatory movements: Behavioral modeling
Kiyoshi Honda : Interactions between vowel articulation and F0 control
Arvo Eek & Einar Meister: Estonian speech in the BABEL multi-language database: Phonetic-phonological problems revealed in the 
 text corpus
H. L&venbruck, M.J. Collins, M.E. Beckman, A.K. Krishnamurthy & S.C. Ahalt:
		 Temporal coordination of articulatory gestures in 
 consonant clusters and sequences of consonants.
Jennifer Cole, Josi I. Hualde, & Khalil Iskarous: 
 Effects of prosodic and segmental context on 
 /g/-lenition in Spanish
Section VI (Brian Joseph, ed.) 
The Word
Bohumil Palek : Item orderings and scrambling
Naoki Fukui & Yuji Takano: Issues of word order and the structure of
		 noun phrases
M. Gareth Gaskell & William D. Marslen-Wilson: The perception of
		 assimilated speech
Section VI (Osamu Fujimura, ed.) 
Units in Phonology and Parsing
Shosuke Haraguchi (University of Tsukuba): A theory of the syllable
William R. Leben (Department of Linguistics, Stanford University): 
 Weak vowels and vowel sequences in Kwa: 
 Sounds that phonology can't handle
Thomas C. Purnell (University of Wisconsin, Madison): 
 Metrical utility: Extending the power of grids
Chris Barker (University of California, San Diego): Parsing syntactic
		 discontinuity directly
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