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Fri Nov 3 2000

Qs: Latin American Spanish,Korean Hangul frequency

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  1. V P, Latin American Spanish
  2. Tim Mills, Korean Hangul frequency

Message 1: Latin American Spanish

Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 09:14:00 -0800 (PST)
From: V P <>
Subject: Latin American Spanish

My name is Victoria and I conducting research on the Latin American Spanish.
I would really appreciate the information on general resources on this,
especially in English.

The particular problem I have to consider is how to classify countries
according to Spanish lexicon there ... For instance, to me makes sense to
divide the countries from the point of view of lexicon into the following

- Mexico;

- Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay;

- Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, 

- South America: Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela 
- Caribbean America: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico.

Since I don't have enough resources, could you please advise on this ...
probably it makes sense to single out just three groups for the purpose of
general linguistic description:

1. Mexico

2. Central America

3. South America

If the latter classification is chosen, where to should Ecuador/Venezuela
belong? Is it better to put them into the Central American group or South
American group?

I will be grateful for any comments and suggestions, as well as information
on reliable resources on the issue.



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Message 2: Korean Hangul frequency

Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 16:22:01 -0700
From: Tim Mills <>
Subject: Korean Hangul frequency


I am currently doing commercial work on Korean that requires information on
the frequencies of the Hangul characters.

If anyone knows of a source, online or otherwise, preferably electronic,
where I could get this information, please contact me off the list at

	- Tim -

- --------------------------------------------

Tim Mills, Computational Linguist
Zi Corporation
Suite 300, 500 - 4 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2P 2V6

Main: (403) 233.8875
Direct: (403) 231.4591
Fax: (403) 231.4595
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