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Mon Nov 6 2000

Qs: "I forget", Simple Lexical Decision Data

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  1. HMooney, "I forget" query
  2. Joanna Raczaszek, word recognition - question

Message 1: "I forget" query

Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 13:11:02 -0800
From: HMooney <>
Subject: "I forget" query

I've wondered about the English phrase "I forget". As in

What's your social security number?
I forget.

This usage seems unusual. For one thing, it *only* occurs in the first person

What's Bob's social security number?
*He forgets.

What hotel are you (pl) staying at?
*(?)We forget.

Can anyone think of other verbs in English that are used this way? Does anyone
know of any published references to this construction?

Hank Mooney
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Message 2: word recognition - question

Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 16:42:41 +0100
From: Joanna Raczaszek <>
Subject: word recognition - question

Planning to make a set of experiments on Simple Lexical Decision in 
Polish, I am searching for the results of any experiments (published or 
not) in any language detailing the influence of:
 - length
 - frequency
 - phonological structure
 - grammatical category
of a word on the reaction time of its recognition.
Thank you,

- -----------------------------------------
Joanna Raczaszek, PhD
Department of Psychology
University of Warsaw
00-183 Warsaw
ul. Stawki 5/7
tel: 48 22 5317773
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