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Sat Feb 5 2000

Calls: Computational Ling, Language & Gender/ LSA

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  1. ISHIKAWA Kiyoshi, Comp Ling: Language, Information and Computation/ PACLIC 14
  2. Scott F Kiesling, Language and Gender/ LSA Annual Meeting

Message 1: Comp Ling: Language, Information and Computation/ PACLIC 14

Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 02:08:33 +0900
From: ISHIKAWA Kiyoshi <>
Subject: Comp Ling: Language, Information and Computation/ PACLIC 14


 The 14th Pacific Asia Conference on
 Language, Information and Computation
 (PACLIC 14)
 February 15 - 17, 2000
 International Conference Center,
 Waseda University

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	The Logico-Linguistic Society of Japan welcomes anyone who is
 interested in languages in Pacific Asia region, in theoretical
 analysis of language, in computational analysis of language to the
 first PACLIC conference in the second millennium, PACLIC 14, to be
 hosted jointly by the Logico-Linguistic Society of Japan, Waseda
 University's Media Network Center and Institute of Language Teaching.

 PACLIC, which stands for the Pacific Asia Conference on Language,
 Information and Computation, is an annual gathering of scholars and
 researchers with a wide range of interests in theoretical and
	computational linguistics. 

	Topics discussed in the conference include, but are not limited to,
	such fields in theoretical and computational linguistics as
	information-based grammar, cognitive linguistics, typology, phonetics,
	formal semantics and pragmatics, discourse theories, typology, corpus
	linguistics, formal grammar theory, natural language processing, and
	computer applications. Anyone who is interested in the major languages
 in the region such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and
	English --- if not many others --- is also welcome.

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 * Venue

 International Conference Center, Waseda University, Tokyo
 * Dates 
	 February 15th (Tuesday), 2000 --- February 17th (Thursday), 2000

 (Right after the conference, on 18th (Friday), its satelite workshop on 
 "Linguistics and Education in Multimedia Age"
 will be held at the same venue.)

 * Conference Fee

 Student 2,000 yen
 non-Student 4,000 yen
 Proceedings 1,000 yen / 1 copy

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 * Invited Speech *

 February 16th, 2000. 

 Professor Masayoshi SHIBATANI, 
 Kobe University

 "Language Typology and the Comparison of Languages"


 While comparison of languages presupposes a common framework neutral
 to the structures of the languages compared and contrasted, the
 contemporary grammatical terms and concepts have been developed
 primarily on the basis of Accusative-type European languages. This
 has created a great deal of confusion in the universals research.
 Typological studies in recent years have in part been concerned with
 the correction of this unfortunate situation. This presentation looks
 at the syntactic organizations of three distinct types of languages
 (the Accusative type, the Ergative type, and the Philippine-type) and
 examines the nature of grammatical relations, Subject in particular,
 the voice patterns, and the ways in which semantic interpretation
 interacts with the typological differences in the organization of the
 argument structure.

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For more information,

please visit our website at:

or contact

Dr. Masahito KAWAMORI

NTT Communication Science Laboratories 
Media Information Laboratory
Phone: +81-462-40-3624 

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Message 2: Language and Gender/ LSA Annual Meeting

Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 16:57:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Scott F Kiesling <>
Subject: Language and Gender/ LSA Annual Meeting


Language and Gender Panel
LSA Annual Meeting
January 2001

The Committee for the Status on Women in Linguistics (COSWL) of the
Linguistic Society of America is pleased to announce a call for papers on
Language and Gender for an organized session we will propose for the LSA
2001 Annual Meeting, to be held 4-7 January, 2001 in Washington, DC.

The language and gender subfield has expanded significantly in the past
decade. The number of language and gender studies has increased, and
investigators have been developing new approaches to language and gender
which connect it to other subfields in linguistics. Language and gender is
also one of the more popular courses taught at many colleges and
universities. However, except at specialized conferences, there has been
little opportunity for the general linguistics community to find out about
new advances in this field. This COSWL-sponsored panel will expose current
research in language and gender to an audience in the wider linguistics

We plan to organize the panel around a thematic topic. Potential topics
within the field of Language and Gender include but are not limited to:
 	*	Cross-linguistic or language contact studies
 	*	Studies of gendered influences on the acquisition process
 	*	Studies of intra- and/or inter-gender variation
 	*	Experimentally-oriented studies (eg, neurolinguistic,
		psycholinguistic, or phonetic) 

The final topic of the panel will depend on the number and quality of
abstracts in a topic. Each paper will be 15 minutes long.

COSWL plans to pursue publication, most likely as a special issue of a
refereed journal, of expanded versions of a selection of the papers
presented at the session. To that end, we cannot accept papers that are
to be published elsewhere.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 25 February 2000. Late submissions 
will not be accepted.
Email abstracts to Please put "LANGUAGE AND
GENDER ABSTRACT" in the subject line. Include the anonymous abstract as
an attachment in Rich Text Format (RTF) and the following information in
the body of the email message:
 	*	The title of the paper
 	*	Author's name
 	*	Author's affiliation
 	*	Address, phone number and email address at which the author
 		wishes to be notified.
Abstracts must be no more than 500 words in length, including a 
bibliography and examples, if needed. Abstracts should follow the LSA
abstract guidelines .
Note that in order to present at the LSA meeting, authors must be LSA
Preliminary acceptance decisions will be made by COSWL by 31 March 2000.
Note that the panel must then be accepted by the LSA Program Committee,
who reserves the right to select panel participants. Also, because we plan
to have discussants for the panel, full papers will be due by November 1,

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