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Fri Nov 17 2000

Calls: Annotated Lang Resources, Soft Computing

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  1. Gabriela Dima, Eurolan 2001-Annotated Language Resources
  2. Nadine Gisler, Soft Computing & Intelligent Systems for Industry

Message 1: Eurolan 2001-Annotated Language Resources

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 17:40:13 +0200
From: Gabriela Dima <>
Subject: Eurolan 2001-Annotated Language Resources

Summer Institute on
"Creation and Exploitation of Annotated Language Resources"
30 July - 11 August 2001, Romania

Call for Workshop Proposals

The EUROLAN 2001 Program Committee invites proposals for Workshops
to be held in conjunction with the EUROLAN 2001 Summer Institute. We intend
to accept two workshop proposals, each workshop being held during three
consecutive evenings at the beginning of each week of the summer institute.
For details, please consult:

Areas of Interest
We welcome proposals on any topic of interest within the institute's main

Proposals should be submitted by electronic mail, in plain ASCII text, .rtf
or .doc files, as soon as possible, but no later than 8 December 2000. The
subject line should be: EUROLAN WORKSHOP PROPOSAL. Please submit your
proposals and any inquiries to Dan Cristea,

Proposals will be reviewed by the EUROLAN Program Committee:
Nancy IDE - Vassar College, Poughkeepsie
Dan CRISTEA - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi
Dan TUFIS - Romanian Academy, Bucharest
Laurent ROMARY - LORIA laboratories, Nancy
Daniel MARCU - University of Southern California

Proposals for workshops should contain:
Scientific part:
- a title and a brief (about 500 word) content description of the workshop
Organizational part:
- any special requirements for technical needs (computer infrastructure,
- the program committee.

Organization details
EUROLAN will support the workshops with the necessary equipment and workshop
The workshops are expected to be organizationally and financially
self-supported, including reviewing of received contributions, selection of
papers, printing of the workshop proceedings.
The workshop participants are supposed to be registered as regular EUROLAN
It is recommended that the program committees of the workshops include some
of the invited lecturers of EUROLAN 2001, so that the workshops could be
better interconnected with the institute's activities.

Important Dates
Submission Deadline for Workshop Proposal: December 8, 2000.
Notification of acceptance of Workshop Proposal: December 15, 2000.
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Message 2: Soft Computing & Intelligent Systems for Industry

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 09:12:32 -0700
From: Nadine Gisler <>
Subject: Soft Computing & Intelligent Systems for Industry


Fourth International ICSC Symposia on
June 26-29, 2001
Paisley, Scotland, U.K.

General Information
The twin conferences, Soft Computing (SOCO 2001) and Intelligent Systems
for Industry (ISFI 2001) are intended to cover the field of "soft computing"
from pure blue-sky research (SOCO) to prototypes and applications of soft
computing. Soft computing has become a term embracing artificial neural
networks, evolutionary algorithms, belief networks, fuzzy sets and logics,
etc. (A fuller list of topics appears below).

SOCO 2001 aims to be of broad interest to engineers, computer scientists and
all who use such technologies. It will be a forum for the
Dissemination of new research in the field of soft computing
Introduction of application-oriented researchers to leading edge new

ISFI 2001 will encourage practitioners and researchers from industry,
commerce, education and governments to submit existing applications of soft
computing either as technical papers or as demonstrations. ISFI 2001 aims
to be a forum for the

Dissemination of results on new applications in this field
Introduction of pure research oriented personnel to applications of soft

Symposium Topics (SOCO'2001)
Soco'2001 will include contributions on long term research (theory
development, enhanced approaches, formal methods comparisons, applications,
etc.) in the area of soft-computing. Contributions are sought in areas based
on the list below, which is indicative only.
	Neural Networks
	Fuzzy Logic
	Rough Sets
	Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing
	Chaos Theory
	Al and Expert Systems
	Probabilistic Reasoning, belief nets
	Machine learning
	Learning Algorithms and Intelligent Control
	Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding
	Distributed Intelligence
	Self-Organizing Systems
	Fuzzy Databases and Information Retrieval
	Educational Aspects of Soft Computing

International Program Committee (SOCO'2001)
	Peter G. Anderson, USA
	Gerardo Beni USA
	Franco Bignone, Italy
	Darryl Charles, U.K.
	Juan Corchado, Spain
	Andrej Dobnikar, Slovenia
	Gerard Dray, France
	Bogdan Gabrys, U.K.
	Marco Gori, Italy
	Amir Hussain, U.K.
	Bart Kosko, USA
	Laszlo Koczy, Hungary
	Ludmila Kuncheva, U.K.
	Franz Kurfess, USA
	Francesco Masulli, Italy
	Erzsebet Merenyi, USA
	Sadaaki Miyamoto, Japan
	Claudio Moraga, Germany
	Antonio di Nola, Italy
	Mark Plumbley, U.K.
	Henrik Saxen, Finland
	Nigel Steele, U.K.
	Leonard Studer, Switzerland
	Yoshinori Uesaka, Japan
	Chris Williams, Scotland

Symposium Topics (ISFI'2001)
ISFI'2001 will include contributions in the research area of Soft Computing
Application and, more general, related to medium-to-short term and
application driven developments Advanced Information Technology and
Industrial Intelligent Technology. Particular emphasis will be laid on
industrial realization, experimental application, application methodology
development and/or formalization, quantitative and qualitative problem

Contributions are sought mainly in the areas based on the list below:
Industrial Area: Commerce, Energy, Transportation, Services, Medicine
High-Tech Area: Innovative Control and Diagnostics, Computer Vision,
Robotics and Remote Sensing, Speech Recognition and Machine Translation,
Mechatronics, etc.
Green-tech Area: Intelligent Resource Management, Intelligent Pollutant
Management, User Behavior Modelling, Intelligent Traffic Control, etc.

International Program Committee (ISFI'2001)
	Arantza Aldea, Spain
	Zeungnam Bien, Korea
	Pierre Borne, France
	Hans-Heinrich Bothe, Denmark
	Douglas Campbell, U.K.
	Daniele Caviglia, Italy
	Vincent Chapurlat, France
	Richard D. Colbaugh, USA
	Anna Maria Colla, Italy
	Clarence W. de Silva, Canada
	H.A. Donegan, U.K.
	Patrick Gallinari, France
	Madan M. Gupta, Canada
	Henry H. Hexmoor, USA
	R.J.Howlett, U.K
	Tan Kok Kiong, Singapore
	Anthony A.Maciejewski,USA
	Fazel Naghdy, Australia
	Saeid Nahavandi, Australia
	Charles C. Nguyen, USA
	Riccardo Parenti, Italy
	David Pearson, France
	Duc T. Pham, U.K.
	Mark Plumbley, U.K.
	David Ria�o, Spain
	Milad Sebaaly, U.A.E.
	Alberto Servida, Italy
	Edward Szczerbicky, Australia
	Peter Vas, U.K.
	Leonello Zaquini, Italy

The scientific program will include invited plenary talks, contributed
sessions, invited sessions, and tutorials.

Call for Invited Sessions
The organization of invited sessions is encouraged. Prospective organizers
are requested to send a session proposal (consisting of 4-5 invited papers,
the recommended session-chair and co-chair, as well as a short statement
describing the title and the purpose of the session) to the respective
symposium chair or the congress organizer. Invited sessions should
preferably start with a tutorial paper. The registration fee of the session
organizer will be waived, if at least 4 authors of invited papers register
to the conference.

Poster Presentations
Poster presentations are encouraged for people who wish to receive peer
feedback and practical examples of applied research are particularly
welcome. Poster sessions will allow the presentation and discussion of
respective papers, which will also be included in the conference

Call for Workshops, Tutorials and Other Contributions
Several workshops/tutorials are planned for SOCO/ISFI'2001. Each
workshop/tutorial will focus on a particular topic, and consist of several
presentations and open discussions. The proposal for a workshop/tutorial
should include the title, topics covered, proposed speakers, targeted
audiences, and estimated length (hours) of the workshop/tutorial. The
proposal should be submitted either to the congress chair, the corresponding
symposium chair or the congress organizer by January 15, 2001.

Submission of Papers
Prospective authors are requested to send a short biography and draft paper
of maximum 7 pages for review by the International Program Committee. All
submissions must be written in English, starting with a succinct statement
of the problem, the results achieved, their significance and a comparison
with previous work, as well as a list of references.
The submissions should also include:
- Title of symposium (SOCO 2001, ISFI 2001)
- Type of paper (regular, demonstration, tutorial or invited)
- Title of proposed paper
- Authors names, affiliations, addresses
- Name of author to contact for correspondence
- E-mail address and fax # of contact author
- Topics which best describe the paper (max. 7 keywords)
Contributions are welcome from researchers, academics and practitioners
active in any field of Soft Computing covered by the topics of the
congress. Congress language is English. Invited sessions, tutorial papers
and demonstrations are also encouraged. Prospective organizers are requested
to submit a session proposal to the congress organizer.
Submission by electronic mail is strongly recommended to

Proceedings and Publications
Proceedings will be available at the congress in print and on CD-ROM. All
accepted and invited papers will be included in the congress proceedings,
published in print and on CD-ROM by ICSC Academic Press, Canada/Switzerland.
A selected number of papers will be expanded and revised for
possible.inclusion in special issues of leading international journals.

Important Dates
Submission Deadline	November 30, 2000
Notification of Acceptance	January 31, 2001
Delivery of Full Papers	March 15, 2001
SOCO/ISFI'2001 International Congress	June 26-29, 2001

Further Information
Please contact:
	ICSC International Computer Science Conventions
5101C - 50 Street, Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 1K1 / Canada
E-mail: or
Phone: +1-780-352-1912 / Fax: +1-780-352-1913

or for specific scientific information contact the congress chair:

	Prof. Colin Fyfe (General Chair)
University of Paisley
Computing & Information Systems
High Street
Paisley PA1 2DE
Scotland, U.K.
Fax: +44-141-848-3542

	Prof. Lorenzo Moreno (Vice-Chair)
University La Laguna Tenerife
Edificio de Fisica y Matematicas
Av. Astrofisico Francisco S�nchez S/N
E - 38071 La Laguna (Tenerife)
Fax: 34-22-603217

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