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Fri Nov 17 2000

Qs: Word Formation/Eng, Disambiguation/Persian

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  1. johan stam, Word formation in English
  2. AMIR SHAHAB SHAHABI, disambigution on Persian Language Processing

Message 1: Word formation in English

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 11:56:18 GMT
From: johan stam <>
Subject: Word formation in English

I�m currently writing a Master thesis on translation
from English into Spanish. One of the main issues
dealt with in my work is the inventiveness in (new)
blendings and clippings in English, which are very
difficult to recreate in Spanish so as to satisfy
both the economical aspect (shortness of expression)
as well as aesthetic values of the text concerned.

It has so far been very troublesome finding earlier
works that treat such phenomena as the very common
word formation based on adjectives, such as
"biologicals", "glyphs", "subsonics", "tecspecs"
and "ebonics", for example, and the semantic
ambiguity (or generality) that these constructions
often entail.
I would be happy for suggestons on works or authors
that have dealt with this issue.
Replies can be sent to the following address.

Johan Stam

(Student at the Institute for Translation and Interpretation Studies at the 
University of Stockholm)
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Message 2: disambigution on Persian Language Processing

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 10:15:53 +0330
Subject: disambigution on Persian Language Processing

Dear Colleagues,

 I am student of computer science in PHD level and I want to start
research about word sense disambigution on Persian Language
Processing. I have some background in computational linguistic at
elementry levels like familiar with types of grammars such as context
free, context sensitive and unrestricted. I prepare a two level
grammar for some Persian statements and try to understand the meaning
of a text (limited to subject of job applications such as personal
identification,requseted job,specials,educational history...) and
convert it to a data file for query purposes.

Now I want to go on about meaning of persian texts but as you
absolutly know Persian Language is full of semantic ambiguty.For
result we should distinguish this word meanings to understand a
persian text.I guess it must be a way to determine a suit meaning for
a word around multiple meaning of it. For example supposing a word or
a sentence containing that word meaning as a fuzzy number and the
membership of that fuzzy number set related to the sentence containing
that word from view of meaning and then decision making between fuzzy
numbers that each one related to one meaning of that word with help of
any method such as "Fuzzy Criteria Decision Making" or "AHP" or
"Genetic Algorithms" and so on. But I do not know how can I extract
fuzzy number from a lexicon. 

I will appreciate any help you could offer me in finding literature on
this subjects,and/or your idea about my suggested way. Is it feasible
or not? Any paper about it or any solution of the semantic ambiguty
will increase my hope.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards
Amir Shahab Shahabi
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