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Fri Nov 17 2000

Qs: Western Punctuation System, Tone Analysis

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  1. M. Patessio, Western punctuation system
  2. wilsons6, Looking for linguistic articles on tone

Message 1: Western punctuation system

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:38:26 +0000 (GMT)
From: M. Patessio <>
Subject: Western punctuation system

My name is Mara Patessio and I am studying for a Ph. D. at the University
of Cambridge (England) in Japanese culture.
I am soing some researches on the punctuation system and it's development
in Japan in modern times and I am desperately searching for some generic
books on theories of Western punctuation to have some basis from which to
procede in my studies.
I would be grateful to receive some suggestions from you.
Thank you for your time
Mara Patessio 
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Message 2: Looking for linguistic articles on tone

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 15:37:03 GMT
From: wilsons6 <>
Subject: Looking for linguistic articles on tone

Dear Linguist List Members,

My name is Sarah Wilson, and I am a graduate
student in the Master of Technical and Scientific
Communication Program at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Currently, I am conducting a research project that looks
at how linguistic concepts and devices can aid technical
communicators in the work that they do. More specifically,
I am looking for articles that discuss the concept of TONE
from a linguistics perspective. I am using Kathryn Riley and
Frank Parker's 1988 article in the _Journal of Technical 
Writing and Communication_ called "Tone As a Function 
of Presupposition in Technical and Business Writing" as 
the foundation for my project. Ultimately, I will be analyzing 
the tone of a technical communication document using 
linguistic devices and discourse analysis techniques and
presenting my analysis to fellow classmates.
Could you recommend any other articles that would
help me learn more about conceptualizing and analyzing tone 
from a linguistics perspective?


Sarah Wilson

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