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Sun Feb 6 2000

Confs: Analogical Modeling of Language/ AML

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  1. AML Conference, Analogical Modeling of Language/ AML

Message 1: Analogical Modeling of Language/ AML

Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000 18:04:31 +0000
From: AML Conference <>
Subject: Analogical Modeling of Language/ AML

Following is an abbreviated preliminary program for
the Conference on Analogical Modeling of Language (AML)
to be held at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA
on March 22-24, 2000.

More complete information (including abstracts, conference 
registration procedures, and transportation/accomodation 
suggestions) is available at the AML Research Group web page:

or via email to:

Wednesday, 22 March 2000

Tutorial workshop
- ---------------
Royal Skousen: Basic introduction to AML
Deryle Lonsdale: Setting up AML data files
Dil Parkinson: Running the Perl program
Walter Daelemans and Antal van den Bosch: Demonstration of TiMBL

Thursday, 23 March 2000 

Opening session: Welcome and overall issues
- --------------
Melvin J. Luthy [BYU] Welcome to conference 
Royal Skousen [BYU] "The issues in AML" 

Afternoon session: Comparison of instance-based approaches 
- ---------------- 
Walter Daelemans [Belgium, Netherlands]
"Comparing AML to Memory-Based Language Processing" 

Steve Chandler [U. of Idaho] 
"Skousen's Analogical Approach as an Exemplar-Based Model of

Michael Mudrow [Indiana U.] 
"Version Spaces, Neural Networks, and AML or A Model by Any Other

David Eddington [Mississippi State U.] 
"A Comparison of Two Analogical Models: TiMBL versus AML" 

Andrea Krott and Harald Baayen [Netherlands] 
"Modeling linking morphemes in Dutch n-n compounds with lazy-learning"

Antal van den Bosch [Netherlands] 
"Expanding k-NN analogy through value combinatorics within instance

Dinner / party / discussions 

Friday, 24 March 2000

Morning session 1: Applications to linguistics 
- ---------------- 
James Myers [Taiwan] 
"Exemplar-Driven Analogy in Optimality Theory" 

Robert Kirchner and Kevin Hynna [U. of Alberta] 
"Modeling Phonoligization" 

William Eggington [BYU]
"AML and Contemporary Second Language Acquisition Theory and Research"

Deryle Lonsdale [BYU] 
"Analogical cloning and other NLP applications of AML" 

Morning session 2: Language applications 
- ----------------
Douglas Wulf [U of Washington] 
"Applying AML to the German Plural" 

Michael Mudrow [Indiana U.] 
"Accounting for Variation in Danish Compounds" 

Royal Skousen [BYU]
"Predicting the Finnish past-tense analogically" 

Afternoon session 1: Issues in classification and selection
- ------------------
Rob Freeman [New Zealand] 
"Beyond Classification: Syntax and Semantics as the Production of Ad
Hoc Classes" 

Christer Johansson [Japan] 
"Analogous Categories" 

Jorn Veenstra [Netherlands] 
"Proportional versus Most-Likely Extrapolation from the Analogical

Afternoon session 2: Language applications
- ------------------
Anton Rytting [BYU]
"An Empirical Test of Analogical Modeling: The k/0 Alternation in

Dana Bourgerie [BYU] 
topic: applying AML to Chinese classifiers Larger issues 

David Eddington [Mississippi State U.] 
"Analogy and the dual-route model of morphology" 

Royal Skousen [BYU] 
"The exponential explosion and quantum computing" 

Bruce Derwing [U. of Alberta]
Closing summary 

Dinner / party / discussions 

[Alternate paper: Deryle Lonsdale (BYU): "An operator-based
implementation of AML"]
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