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Sum: References on the Indonesian Language

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Message 1: References on the Indonesian Language

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 11:54:57 +0000 (GMT)
From:> <>
Subject: References on the Indonesian Language

Dear linguists,

Following my query posted on 26th October about some
references on the Indonesian language, I am now
writing to sum up some responses that I have received.

I am most grateful to: Whitney Anne Postman
<>, Miriam van Staden
<>, Bert Remijsen
<>, Margaretha Sudarsih
<>, Ellen van Zanten
<>, James B. Long
<>, and Michael Swan

Whitney Anne Postman suggested the following

-. Martohardjono, G. (1993) WH-movement in the
acquisition of a second language: A cross-linguistic
study of 3 languages with and without overt movement.
Department of Linguistics. Ithaca, Cornell University.
-. Wolff, J. U. (1981) "Similarities between
Indonesian and Tagalog and their historical basis."
NUSA 10: 83-90.
-. For phonology, look for anything by Prof. Abby Cohn
and one of her student in phonetics and phonology,
Niken Adisasmito-Smith.

Miriam van Staden advised me to write to Dr David Gil

Bert Remijsen advised me to contact Ellen van Zanten
whom later referred me to some considerable

Margaretha Sudarsih referred me to:

-. Moeliono and Dardjowidjojo. (eds.) 1993. "Tata
Bahasa Baku Bahasa Indonesia". Jakarta: Balai Pustaka.
-. "Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia". 1997. Jakarta:
Balai Pustaka.
-. Yus Badudu's books
-. RELC Journal: A Journal of Language Teaching and
Research in Southeast Asia.
-. The University of Michigan's online library
catalogue at

Ellen van Zanten delivered the following publications
to me:

-. van Zanten, E. 1989. "Vokal-Vokal Bahasa Indonesia:
Penelitian Akustik dan Perseptual." Jakarta: Balai
This book is an Indonesian translation of her PhD
Dissertation entitled "The Indonesian vowels: Acoustic
and perceptual" (1989) in Leiden University.
-. van Zanten, E. 1988. Perception of Indonesian
vowels spoken in context. "Phonetica" 45: 43-55.
-. van Zanten, E. 1986. Allophonic variation in the
production of Indonesian vowels. In "Bijdragen: Tot De
Taal-, Land- En Volkenkunde" 142: 427-446. Holland:
-. van Zanten, E. and V. J. van Heuven. 1984. The
Indonesian vowels as pronounced and perceived by Toba
Batak, Sundanese and Javanese speakers. In "Bijdragen:
Tot De Taal-, Land- En Volkenkunde" 140:497-521.
Holland: Foris.

Apart from these, van Zanten also suggested:

-. Moeliono and Dardjowidjojo. (eds.) 1993. "Tata
Bahasa Baku Bahasa Indonesia". Jakarta: Balai Pustaka.
-. Steinhauer, H. The Indonesian language situation
and linguistics: Prospects and possibilities. In
"Bijdragen: Tot De Taal-, Land- En Volkenkunde"
150-4:754-785. Holland: Foris.
-. Malaysian educational journal
-. Publications by Pusat Bahasa in Jakarta, Indonesia.

James B. Long referred me to Thomas Scovel's
discussion on the Critical Period Hypothesis. Also,
he pointed out the importance to account for the two
languages' (English and Indonesian) respective
phonetic range: "transfer(able)" and
"nontransfer(able)" items.

And last but not least, Michael Swan kindly sent me a
hard copy of:

Yong, J. forthcoming. Malay/Indonesian speakers. In
Swan, M. and B. Smith. (eds) forthcoming. "Learner
English." 2nd edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press. pp. 279-295.

I hope this summary can be of use for people doing
research on a similar topic to mine. By all means, I
welcome any further suggestion and discussion on my
topic on: the relationship between speech production
and speech perception (evidence from English
consonants produced by native Indonesian speakers
learning English as a Foreign Language).

With best wishes,


Ninik H Poedjianto
Department of English Language
University of Glasgow
12, University Gardens
Glasgow G12 8QQ
Tel: +44-141-330 3171
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