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Tue Nov 28 2000

Calls: Genetic Algorithms, Logical Aspects/Comp Ling

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  1. Franz Rothlauf, Genetic algorithms/ROPNET-2001 Workshop at GECCO-2001
  2. Catherine Piliere, Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics - LACL 2001

Message 1: Genetic algorithms/ROPNET-2001 Workshop at GECCO-2001

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:20:49 -0600
From: Franz Rothlauf <>
Subject: Genetic algorithms/ROPNET-2001 Workshop at GECCO-2001

 1st Call for participation



 Bird-of-a-feather Workshop
 at the 
 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2001
 ( GECCO-2001 )

 San Francisco, California, July 7 - 11, 2001 (Saturday - Wednesday) 

 A recombination of 
 the Sixth Annual Genetic Programming Conference (GP-2001) and 
 the International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA-2001) 

 organized by

 Franz Rothlauf

 to be held on Saturday, July 7, 2001


Finding good solutions for network design problems is important in
many fields such as telecommunications, computer, backbone access,
transportation and distribution networks. Over the last years genetic
algorithms have been applied with success to a wide variety of these
different problems. One of the major design issues is how the network
could be represented as an artificial chromosome and what kind of
operators could be defined on the chromosome.

The workshop is intended to give an overview over the existing
approaches and to discuss various representations and operators in the
context of genetic and evolutionary computation. It should compare
theoretical properties and empirical performance characteristics of
different representations and operators and try to find explanations
for performance differences of a genetic algorithm. The workshop will
be focused on representations and operators for network problems, but
it welcomes interesting contributions to encoding issues that are
meaningful for network representations.


 Presentations will be selected according to the submitted 10-page 
 papers which will be reviewed by at least two members of the 
 international program committee. Accepted papers will be available 
 in electronic form before the workshop. Abbreviated versions of 
 the papers will be later published in the workshop proceedings. 
 The length of each paper will be determined by the number of 
 accepted papers. 

 For more detailed submission guidelines and recent updates, 
 see the workshop pages at

IMPORTANT DATES (subject to change)

 Paper submission deadline: March 1, 2001
 Decisions will be mailed by: April 1, 2001
 Submissions of camera-ready papers: April 20, 2001


 Franz Rothlauf 

 Department of Information Systems 
 University of Bayreuth 
 95445 Bayreuthn 
 Tel/Fax: +49 921 55 2819, +49 921 55 2216 

 Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory 
 104 S. Mathews Ave. 
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
 Urbana, IL 61801 


 Attendance to the workshop is open to all GECCO attendees.

 Further information will be posted on the workshop web pages
 ( ) as soon as it becomes 

 We are looking forward to your participation at the first
 workshop ROPNET-2001 which is a great opportunity to meet and 
 discuss the covered topics for researchers in this area of 
 research as well as the ones who would like to learn more 
 about representations and networks.

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Message 2: Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics - LACL 2001

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 13:17:14 +0100
From: Catherine Piliere <>
Subject: Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics - LACL 2001

 Second Call for Papers

 LACL 2001

 4th International Conference on

 June 27 -- 29, 2001
 Le Croisic, France

 Submission Deadline: January 29, 2001


- -------------------------- HISTORY ----------------------------

The LACL series of conferences aims at providing a forum for the
presentation and discussion of current research in all the formal
and logical aspects of computational linguistics. It started as a 
workshop held in Nancy (France), in 1995. Due to its success, it 
was turned, the next year, into a international conference. 
LACL'96 and '97 have both been held in Nancy (France). LACL'98 has 
been held in Grenoble (France). Selected papers from LACL'95 appear 
in a special issue of Journal of Logic Language and Information, 
7(4), 1998. The proceedings of LACL'96 and 97 appear as volumes 
1328 and 1582 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. The 
proceedings of LACL'98 are in press with the same series.

- --------------------------- SCOPE -----------------------------

Typical topics include, but are not limited to:

 Categorial grammars, Categorial type logics, Compositionality, 
 Discourse representation theory, Dynamics, Feature Logics, 
 Formal language theory, Game-theoretical semantics, Grammatical 
 inference, Learning theory, Linear logical frameworks, Minimalism, 
 Modal logics, Montague semantics, Parsing as deduction, Proof-
 theoretic approaches, Situation semantics and situation theory,
 Type-theoretic approaches.

- --------------------- SUBMISSION GUIDELINES --------------------

Authors are invited to submit a full paper not exceeding 15 standard 
A4 or US quarto pages. The paper should allow the Programme 
Committee to assess the merits of the work. In particular, 
references and comparisons with related work should be included. 
Submission of material already published or submitted to other
conferences with published proceedings is not allowed.

Electronic submission is highly recommended. A postscript version
of the paper should be sent as an e-mail to:

to arrive by January 29, 2001. 

Authors are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX2e and the Springer 
llncs class file <>;

In addition, a separate e-mail containing the title of the paper, 
authors' names and addresses, and a short abstract in plain ASCII 
format should be sent to the same e-mail address.

If electronic submission is not possible, authors may submit four
hard copies of the paper by post to the following address:

 LACL 2001 (Attention: G. Morrill)
 UPC, Departament de LSI
 Campus Nord - Modul C6
 Jordi Girona Salgado, 1-3
 E-08034 Barcelona - Espanya

- ---------------------------- URL -----------------------------

- ----------------------- IMPORTANT DATES ----------------------

Deadline for Submissions: January 29, 2001
Notification to Authors: March 26, 2001
Final Versions due: April 20, 2001

- -------------------- CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS ------------------

The accepted papers will be published as a volume of Springer 
Lecture Notes in AI. This will be available at the time of the 

- ----------------------- PROGRAM COMMITTEE --------------------

 W. Buszkowski (Poznan)
 R. Crouch, (Palo Alto)
 A. Dikovsky (Nantes)
 M. Dymetman (Grenoble)
 C. Gardent (Saarbrucken)
 P. de Groote (Nancy), co-chair
 M. Kanazawa (Tokyo)
 G. Morrill (Barcelona), co-chair
 R. Muskens (Tilburg)
 F. Pfenning (Pittsburgh)
 B. Rounds, (Ann Arbor)
 E. Stabler (Los Angeles)

- --------------------- ORGANIZING COMMITTEE -------------------

 B. Daille (Nantes)
 A. Dikovsky (Nantes)
 A. Foret (Rennes)
 E. Lebret (Rennes)
 C. Piliere (Nancy), publicity chair
 C. Retore (Rennes), chair
 P. Sebillot (Rennes)

- --------------------------------------------------------------
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