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  1. Eric van Broekhuizen, Slavic/General Ling:Languages in Contact, Gilbers, Nerbonne & Schaeken

Message 1: Slavic/General Ling:Languages in Contact, Gilbers, Nerbonne & Schaeken

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 09:43:46 +0100
From: Eric van Broekhuizen <>
Subject: Slavic/General Ling:Languages in Contact, Gilbers, Nerbonne & Schaeken

Languages in Contact
Edited by Dicky Gilbers, John Nerbonne and Jos Schaeken.
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA 2000. XI,339 pp.
(Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics 28)

ISBN: 90-420-1322-2 Hardbound Hfl. 150,-/US-$ 83.-

Contents: The Editors: 

Introduction. Ronelle ALEXANDER: Tracking Sprachbund Boundaries: Word
Order in the Balkans. Peter BAKKER: Convergence Intertwining: An
Alternative Way Towards the Genesis of Mixed Languages. David BECK:
Bella Coola and North Wakashan: Convergence and Diversity in the
Northwest Coast Sprachbund. Liya V. BONDARKO: Language Contacts:
Phonetic Aspects. H�l�ne BRIJNEN: German Influence on Sorbian Aspect:
The Function of Directional Adverbs. Bernard COMRIE: Language Contact,
Lexical Borrowing, and Semantic Fields. Ellen COURTNEY: Duplication in
the L2 Spanish Produced by Quechua-speaking Children: Transfer of a
Pragmatic Strategy. N. Louanna FURBEE: Prestige, Power, and Potential
for Language Shift: The Intrusion of Spanish into Tojolab'Al
Maya. Lenore A. GRENOBLE: Morphosyntactic Change: The Impact of
Russian on Evenki. Ekaterina GRUZDEVA: Aspects of Russian-Nivkh
Grammatical Interference: The Nivkh Imperative. Cornelius HASSELBLATT:
Estonian Between German and Russian: Facts and Fiction about Language
Interference. Wilbert HEERINGA, John NERBONNE, Hermann NIEBAUM, Rogier
NIEUWEBOER, Peter KLEIWEG: Dutch-German Contact in and Around
Bentheim. Peter HOUTZAGERS: Effects of Language Contact as a Source of
(Non)Information: The Historical Reconstruction of Burgenland
Kajkavian. Lars JOHANSON: Linguistic Convergence in the Volga
Area. Marina KHASANOVA: The Lower Amur Languages in Contact with
Russian. Ane KLEINE: Varieties in Contact and Their Impact on Language
Planning in Yiddish. Yuri KLEINER and Natalia SVETOZAROVA: Quantity
Loss in Yiddish: A Slavic Feature? Alexandr KRASOVICKY and Christian
SAPPOK: The Isolated Russian Dialectal System in Contact with Tungus
Languages in Siberia and the Far East. Jurij KUSMENKO and Michael
RIESSLER: Traces of S�mi-Scandinavian Contact in Scandinavian
Dialects. Wouter KUSTERS: Morphological Simplification: More than
Erosion? Jouko LINDSTEDT: Linguistic Balkanization: Contact-Induced
Change by Mutual Reinforcement. Patrick-Andr� MATHER: Creole Genesis:
Evidence from West African L2 French. Pieter MUYSKEN: From Linguistic
Areas to Areal Linguistics: A Research Proposal. Larissa NAIDITCH:
Code-Switching and -Mixing in Russian-Hebrew Bilinguals. Irina
NEVSKAJA: Shor-Russian Contact Features. Cecilia OD�: Some Notes on
Prosody in Mpur and Local Indonesian. Pavel A. SKRELIN: Sound
Databases in the Study of Phonetic Interference. Sarah GREY THOMASON:
Linguistic Areas and Language History. Hanna TOBY: On the Low German
Influence on Kashubian Dialects. Nina B. VOLSKAYA and Anna
S. GRIGORYAN: Typological and Language Specific Features in Intonation
Questions of Armenian and English.

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