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Thu Nov 30 2000

TOC: Linguistics in the Netherlands

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  1. Paul Peranteau, Linguistics in the Netherlands 1999

Message 1: Linguistics in the Netherlands 1999

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 13:36:21 -0500
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Linguistics in the Netherlands 1999

Linguistics in the Netherlands/AVT 16

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Preface (vii)

List of Contributors (ix)

Ren�e van Bezooijen and Rob van den Berg (1)
Word Intelligibility of Language Varieties in the Netherlands and Flanders
under Minimal Conditions

Tina Cambier-Langeveld (13)
The Interaction between Final Lengthening and Accentual Lengthening: Dutch
versus English

Johanneke Caspers (27)
An Experimental Investigation of Meaning Differences between the 'Early'
and the 'Late' Accent-Lending Fall in Dutch

Frank Drijkoningen (41)
Past Participle Agreement in French: Object Agreement? Adjective Agreement

Emmeken van der Heijden (53)
The Mismatching Hypothesis and its Relevance for Extraction Phenomena in

Ben Hermans (67)
Yer Triggered Vowel Lengthening in Slovak

Vincent J. van Heuven and Robert S. Kirsner (81)
Interaction of Grammatical Form and Intonation: Two Experiments on Dutch

Helen de Hoop (97)
Optimal Case Assignment

Haike Jacobs (111)
Constraining Constraints: Nonfinality and the Typology of

Irene Kr�mer (121)
What are you talking about? Children's Interpretation of Sentence Initial
Indefinite Subjects in Sentences Containing Negation

Nancy Chongo Kula (135)
On the Representation of NC Clusters in Bemba

Anneke Neijt (149)
The Structure of Rhythm

Fabien R. Reniers (163)
 From Verkuyl to Krifka in One Article: Towards a Unified Theory of
Aspectual Composition

Hans van de Velde and Roeland van Hout (177)
The Pronunciation of (r) in Standard Dutch

Wim van der Wurff (189)
Speech Reporting in Retold Narratives in Bengali

Guido Vanden Wyngaerd and Jan-Wouter Zwart (203)
Antecedent-Contained Deletion as Deletion

Malte Zimmermann (217)
Case-Assignment and the Syntactic Distribution of the Adnominal Quantifier
paljon in Finnish

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