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Mon Feb 7 2000

FYI: CogSci/Summer School, Lx Contest

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  1. CogSci Summer School, CogSci 2000 Summer School
  2. Ivan A Derzhanski, Lx Contest

Message 1: CogSci 2000 Summer School

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 11:10:49 -0600 (CST)
From: CogSci Summer School <>
Subject: CogSci 2000 Summer School

 7th International Summer School
 Cognitive Science

 Sofia, New Bulgarian University, July 10 - 30, 2000


Distributed representations and gradual learning processes in cognition -
Jay McClelland (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Connectionist models of language processing - Jeff Elman (University of
California, San Diego, USA)
Brain Organization of Human Memory and Thought - John Gabrieli (Stanford
Cognitive Development - Graeme Halford (University of Queensland)
The Human Conceptual System - Lawrence W. Barsalou (Emory University)
Topics in Vision Science - Stephen E. Palmer (University of California,
Cognitive Science: A Basic Science for an Applied Science of Learning -
John T. Bruer (James S. McDonnell Foundation)
Psychological Scaling - Encho Gerganov (New Bulgarian University)
Research Methods in Psycholinguistics - Elena Andonova (New Bulgarian
Research Methods in Memory and Thinking - Boicho Kokinov (New Bulgarian

Organised by

New Bulgarian University, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Bulgarian
Society for Cognitive Science

Sponsored by the Open Society Institute in Budapest - HESP Program

 International Advisory Board


Participants will be selected by a Selection Committee on the bases of
their submitted documents:

 application form (see at the Web page),
 statement of purpose,
 copy of diploma; if student - academic transcript
 letter of recommendation,
 list of publications (if any) and short summary of up to three of them.

Apply as soon as possible since the number of participants is restricted.

Send applications to:
Summer School in Cognitive Science
Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science
New Bulgarian University
21 Montevideo Str.
Sofia 1635, Bulgaria

for more information look at:
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Message 2: Lx Contest

Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 12:36:31 +0200
From: Ivan A Derzhanski <>
Subject: Lx Contest

This year's Winter Contest in Linguistics for Bulgarian high school
students was held in Ruse on 4-6 February. I composed the problems
and was the judge and jury.

There were 21 participants, grouped in 7 teams from 5 schools in 3
cities (apologies were received from several would-be teams whose
schools had not been able to afford their participation in the
contest). As in all earlier contests of this series, they were
offered three problems, each of which required them to analyse data
frm an unknown language and/or writing system, take notice of the
relevant facts and transcribe or translate a set of test examples.
This year's problems involved argument and switch reference marking in
Alabama, the Hungarian runic script and early Slavic loanwords in
Hungarian, and the morphology of Georgian numerals.

Reports on the contest in both Bulgarian and English including the
problems and solutions as well as observations on the contestants'
performance will be published in due course. Meanwhile the Bulgarian
text of the problems and solutions (as presented at the contest
itself) is available from me, and is yours for the asking. (My
preference is to email you the things in PostScript format, but if you
can't handle that, let me know and we'll arrange something else.)

(I also welcome requests for the English version of the report
- though it will be a short while before that is available --
and plain curiosity about the contest.)

<'al-_haylu wa-al-laylu wa-al-baydA'u ta`rifunI
 wa-as-sayfu wa-al-qir.tAsu wa-al-qalamu>
 (Abu t-Tayyib Ahmad Ibn Hussayn al-Mutanabbi)
Ivan A Derzhanski
H: cplx Iztok bl 91, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria <>
W: Dept for Math Lx, Inst for Maths & CompSci, Bulg Acad of Sciences

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