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Wed Dec 6 2000

Calls: Second Lang Acquisition, Tibeto-Burman Langs

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  1. Cristina Sanz, Second Language Acquisition
  2. Kristine Hildebrandt, Tibeto-Burman Languages and Linguistics

Message 1: Second Language Acquisition

Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 11:04:36 -0800
From: Cristina Sanz <>
Subject: Second Language Acquisition

University of Illinois at Chicago
will host the conference

"Form-Meaning Connections in Second Language Acquisition"
September 20-23, 2001

Invited speakers and the themes they will address:

 THE CONNECTIONS: Bill VanPatten, University of Illinois at Chicago
 THE CONTEXT: Susan Gass, Michigan State University
 THE INPUT: Jan Hulstijn, The University of Amsterdam
 THE PROCESS: Nick Ellis, University of Bangor (U.K.)
 THE NEXT STEP: Elaine Klein, CUNY
 LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: Catherine S. Doughty, University of Hawaii

20 minute papers are being solicited that address any of the following
or related topics:

THE CONNECTIONS: What form-meaning connections do learners make? Why
these and not others? Are there universal principles for processing
input? What about the role of the first language? Are there linguistic
or psycholinguistic constraints on processing?

THE CONTEXT: How does the communicative and cognitive situation affect
the establishment of form-meaning connections?

THE INPUT: Are all forms equal it terms of how they are processed? Do
specific characteristics of the input play a role? Are there
differences across grammatical features? Are pragmatic and
sociolinguistic information processed in the same way as functors? Are
lexical items processed differently from grammatical features?

THE PROCESS: What is the nature of the mapping process? What impact does
limited processing capacity have?

THE NEXT STEP: What are the consequences of the mapping process? How
does processing affect the development of syntactic competence (i.e.,
Does some input act as a trigger for UG?)

LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: What sorts of interventions can facilitate the
establishment of form-meaning mappings? Is the explicitness of target
important? Can the availability and explicitness of metalanguage
enhance the process?

Submission details will be on our webpage in early January. If you
don't hear from us again, you can navigate to it by going to the
departmental homepage of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese:


Cristina Sanz
Associate Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics
Director, Intensive Spanish Language Program
Georgetown University
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Message 2: Tibeto-Burman Languages and Linguistics

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 07:56:23 -0800
From: Kristine Hildebrandt <kahildeUMAIL.UCSB.EDU>
Subject: Tibeto-Burman Languages and Linguistics


Workshop on Tibeto-Burman Languages and Linguistics

To be held Friday July 27 & Saturday July 28, 2001 During the
Linguistic Society of America 2001 Summer Institute At the University
of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California

This Workshop will bring together scholars working on all aspects of
Tibeto-Burman languages and linguistics.

The Keynote Speaker for the General Session will be James A. Matisoff,
University of California, Berkeley. For the General Session, we are
seeking abstracts on all aspects of T-B linguistics. Field reports and
graduate work are also encouraged.

The Keynote Speaker for the Parasession will be Michael Noonan,
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For the Parasession, we encourage
abstracts which address the use of grammar and connected speech in T-B

Abstracts for both the General and Parasession should be no longer
than one page with one-inch margins using at least an 11-point
font. Along with the abstract, please enclose a separate page
specifying the affiliation, address, and e-mail address of the
author(s). Abstracts may be submitted electronically (as an attached
file in RTF, postscript, PDF or MS Word format).

Abstracts are due by February 1, 2001

For more information and for updates on the Tibeto-Burman Workshop,
you can access the Web Page at:

You can also access the LSA Institute Web Page at:

Additionally, you may contact:

Carol Genetti
Department of Linguistics
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(805) 893-3776


Ellen Bartee at
Kristine Hildebrandt at
Barbara Kelly at

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