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Sat Dec 9 2000

Qs: Magnetic Phonetics Suggestion,Yiddish Phonology

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  1. Michael Bernstein, Magnetic Phonetics Suggestions?
  2. Jose G. Centeno, Yiddish Phonology

Message 1: Magnetic Phonetics Suggestions?

Date: Yiddish Phonology
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Subject: Magnetic Phonetics Suggestions?

Dear Linguist List readers,

Our last copies of Magnetic Phonetics are almost gone. As we decide
whether to print more copies of the original set or develop a
replacement product (Magnetic Phonetics 2.0), we would like your

The original Magnetic Phonetics contained a set of magnets for playing
a game similar to Scrabble using IPA symbols for transcribing American
English. It also contained a set of all the other IPA symbols,
including diacritics.

If you have bought or played with a copy of Magnetic Phonetics:

1. Did you use the magnets for transcribing American English (the
game set), or the other magnets, or both?

2. Are there changes you would suggest?

3. Which of the following should a new version contain: (a) symbols
for transcribing American English, (b) all of the stand-alone IPA
symbols, and/or (c) all of the IPA diacritics?

Please send us your feedback by e-mail to
Thank you!

 Michael Bernstein
 Cascadilla Press
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Message 2: Yiddish Phonology

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 23:49:56 -0500
From: Jose G. Centeno <>
Subject: Yiddish Phonology

I have a student interested in doing a literature review of studies on 
children acquiring Yiddish, particularly phonology. Any pointers on (1) 
research on normal and/or disordered Yiddish-speaking children and (2) 
publications on Yiddish phonology will be appreciated.
Jose Centeno
St. John's University

Jose G. Centeno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology Program
Dept. of Speech, Communication Sciences, & Theatre
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Jamaica, NY 11439
Tel: 718-990-2629, 6452 Fax: 718-990-5878
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